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OOh hot

I think he makes a great model for my m/m story. The full for That Thing? Yep, it’s on the horizon…

But first, Something Like Jayden is next up for me!

Young model


I love old school R&B soul music and Earth Wind & Fire is one of my faves to listen to while writing. 

This song actually speaks to me for my upcoming story, “That Thing” It does help that both my characters are into this type of music. 

 Greetings! Welcome to Rawiya’s with another Wind Down Wednesday!

I love when inspiration hits especially in the form of a song! Oh and is it hitting! It’s not completely new either just a short story I’ve already done begging to get a full book written. Join the many muses who want that. *giggles* And I’m only speaking about me, Rawiya, not even the two other muses who have the same issues.

The plot bunny comes from my short, “That Thing” in the STARbooks Anthology, Tall Dark, And Delicious.



 The story is about a former officer in the Navy who is married with kids who finally finds a man he’d like to try settling down with. This tale is similar to BL’s My Lieutenant but Lawrence Bernard is still hitched and looking for a way out. Like Bryant Duncan, he’s finally coming to grips with the fact he’s gay but unlike the Lieutenant he’s not ready to embrace it. In fact, he calls the relationship he has with Jamison a “thing” and Jamison, much like Nathan is surly and cynical, even more so than Nathan. In fact, he’s not so willing to give in like Nathan was and his female friend is suspicious as well.


When I first wrote the short, there were a couple of songs in my brain but the plot bunny didn’t really speak until I heard this one in the grocery store.

The lyrics! That’s my muse, Lawrence speaking to me! WOW, unreal. This is what I love about being a writer. Now, you know what I hate about this? The inspiration comes while I’m writing Sugar Daddy. lol

Time to write a full synopsis and I can’t wait to fully develop this tale.

Yes music is truly inspiring and I love when it helps me to develop a tale.


* Save Me Scottie’s Story

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