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Blurb: Rhett had a huge crush on Darren McKissick back in elementary school and on Valentine’s Day, he gave him a special valentine. Despite their obvious attraction, Darren rejected it, making everyone in the class laugh at Rhett and cause a rift between the two friends.

Now as adults the two of them have found one another again through an internet dating site. Rhett only wants a one-nighter but Darren is looking for something long lasting.

Will this new meeting mean love for two men who haven’t seen one another in over a decade?








Morning people

My muse today is the guy I picture in my I Love You Rhett Vorhees story

The face of Darren McKissick, Rob Evans

He’s got a great bod, he’s hot and he’s a Brit

In my story he isn’t British but I’ve heard that sexy accent in videos.






Okay well here it is

Dakota Trace did this lovely cover for my new story.

I’m really excited about it and hope to get it going this evening.

Isn’t it lovely?

We’re looking at a possible late February/Early March release.


   MichaelHudson   Good morning. I’m excited to announce Shar has decided to write with me right after she finishes Michael’s story. *bounces* I’m pretty stoked especially since BL has 3 books she’ll be doing into next month while Michael edit and releases his two. And what will we be tackling? If you recall the Only THAT night anthology, I wrote the story Unforgettable Valentine about a young man who hates Valentine’s day because of a setback in grammar school over a decade ago. He had a crush on Darren McKissick who was the class hunk and wasn’t the least bit interested in him. Or so he thought. 

Years later the two men meet again through an online ad and have a lavish dinner before enjoying a night of hot sex but Rhett still feels he isn’t ready to commit nor does he want to come out the closet now that he works for a conservative company in the IT department. RobEvans9

Shar thought she’d do a shot for Valentine’s day as a continuation but the characters started talking and now they want their full tale. So that means me and Shar need to get to work and hopefully we can get this going for end of February early March. 

A cover is in the works for this story now titled I Love You Rhett Vorhees and here is the song that inspires this couple.

Look out for more about it in the coming days!



Welcome to the Wind Down today and this song, couple of my characters just adore.

My recently, Rhett Vorhees from the short I did in Only THAT Night. 

In the lyrics, Johnathan talks about torment he’s feels when he has some kind of emotions towards a person but doesn’t want them to continue. To me, he’s speaking about caring about someone but not able to keep those feelings in tact and instead wants to throw them away. 

Yep sounds like Rhett!

He’s had feelings for Darren McKissick his whole life but because of his fears over being outed, he decides to put them off to the side. 

How will this story continue? I wonder myself. 

Someday soon we’ll find out together.

For now, hope you go pick up the anthology and read my tale, Unforgettable Valentine!

Unforgettable Valentine Blurb: Rhett Vorhees is looking for a date just to enjoy Valentine’s day with and instead gets a lot more than what he’s bargaining for.







Good morning

My story in the Only That Night anthology, Unforgettable Valentine features a quirky character who can’t

let go of the past.

Michael Hudson plays my character Rhet Vorhees in this story.

A closeted, IT guy who only loved one person in his life, a man he met in HS.

Unforgettable Valentine Blurb: Rhett Vorhees is looking for a date just to enjoy Valentine’s day with and instead gets a lot more than what he’s bargaining for.




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