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Hey peoples

Happy Monday

Here’s a new muse

I found him on FB.

Isn’t he gorgeous?

His name is Clauss Castro

Just another reason to move to Brazil!



Actually this is more of a BL muse and she already has plans for him.

However, I love his look too and I’m hoping to work him into a Rawiya story. 

Maybe a Reluctant Groupie perhaps?

We’ll see

In the meantime, enjoy British model Sam Reece





Happy Monday morning

I had to post this model because he slightly resembles another man I used to go gaga over.

*hint* I used the other man in a lot of my stories as a muse and he’s a bass player for a famous band

Doesn’t he look like him just a little?

Look up this model, Travis Smith and you’ll see what I mean

(Picture NOT MINE)



Good morning

A beauty who reads…

Yep, Nick Bateman is a beauty and he reads too

I’d love to have him hold up my book but, *sigh* at least I can cheer on this author

who’ll be having this book featured in film.

Nick is starring in it


Oh my, I think I need to read this book!



I lust Ash Armand

He’s beautiful

and now I have stuff to write for him




I do love a tatooed, brown sinned man


This new muse will be joining the Rawiya crew very soon on a new co-author project!

And here’s his other


Yummy right?

So as you can see it’s a May/December and its a foodie romance with some tension

We like that

Look for updates really soon!

Oh and btw, their names are Atreyu (top) and Lawrence Nicotra (bottom)





This morning’s muse is Ryan Gentles

He’s a model, actor , and trainer


What a muse right?


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