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Today I’m spotlighted at Bike Book Reviews

along with a 4.5 review on Jayden

Also doing a contest!

Here is the link

Bike Book



New 4.5 review for SAJ!

Click here



Jayden is also on Kobo

Link is here

Here are the other links






It’s now live at Amazon and Payhip

Here are the links



On Amazon is a new 5 star review

Take a look!



I requested rights back on Jayden and now it’s under my own pub, Triad Literary Books

Here is the new blurb

You can never tell a book by it’s cover!

On the surface, Isaac Bridges has it all; wealth, a beautiful wife, and a successful career. But deep down, he desires Denton & Associates back under his family’s name and a male lover he can call his own.

Enter Jayden Demario, a handsome college student looking to make a career in advertising. Underneath the pretty exterior, Jayden is a very damaged young man. Thrown out on the streets by his stepfather at 15, Jayden’s only concern is to make something of himself to move his “madre” from the tough neighborhood.

Jayden has no time for love, especially not with a closeted married man who runs the company he interns at and Isaac can ill afford to out himself to the homophobic CEO at Denton.

Will the sparks between the two men cost them their livelihood?

It’s also available at a lower price of 3.49 at ARe

it will be up on Amazon shortly!



A nice review from a reader on Goodreads

I don’t get a lot of them and this is nice to see!

Review here



Today at TRS they’re featuring Jayden in a giveaway

Head on over to have a chance to win!


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