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Greetings folks.

I post so rarely on this blog, but I did want to share great news.

Smooth Like Latte and Time to Make the Donuts have both been picked by Thirteen Below press.

I re-did both books so they’ll be totally different than the first

I’m very excited and will keep you posted about the release dates for next year.

Also, wicked gal is hard at work. She just finished Living in Sin, N’awlins Exotica 3.1 and is moving right along into book 4, Hell Hath No Fury with Michael. She’s also working on Wounded Paths, the third book in the Wounded series with Remmy Duchene as well as edits on Wounded Pride.

Not to mention edits on Under the Gun 2.

Lordy is she busy!

Michael will be working on Hell Hath with her and then switching gears to his own series, PROTEKT Book 2 Closely Guarded.

Is there room for me to write?


Yes, I’ll be starting rewrites on Living in the Now.

That’s a lot to go, right?

Shar is running ragged

Portrait of a stylish young fashion male model.

Wow, how long has it been since I posted? A long time, right?

Well, after waiting my turn as always I’ve been really, busy. Doing what?



I’ve redone Time to Make the Donuts, done a book with a co-author, and now I’m redoing Smooth Like Latte. The new one will be very different. This will be the case with all my books in the Something New series. BL will also be redoing Something Fresh Serves Hot and I believe Candyman will get a revise as well.

We have a ton of rewrites to do, but we are looking forward to the challenge.

I’ll post on Wednesday about Latte and maybe a small excerpt.

In the meantime, keep watch on Wicked Sis. She has a bestseller out there and a new book just re-released last Friday!

writing (1)


I know this blog has been quite empty for the past few weeks,

but if you have checked in on me ever so often, I’m writing again!

*jumps for joy*

Yes, I always let Michael and BL have the spotlight and I wait my turn and now, Shar and I are working on revising Time to Make the Donuts and a new story with one of my fave authors!


I’m so excited!

To emphasize revisions, here is Shar’s post about that subject!




Actually this is more of a BL muse and she already has plans for him.

However, I love his look too and I’m hoping to work him into a Rawiya story. 

Maybe a Reluctant Groupie perhaps?

We’ll see

In the meantime, enjoy British model Sam Reece




Greetings people

ILYRV and STT are on sale at Amazon and ARe!

Check out the links here






Sex Type Thing





The three faces of Sharita Lira at at TRS all week

I’ll be giving away ebooks and sharing posts

Stop over and leave a comment!





Here to spice things up is my wicked sis, BLMorticia with a little about the next Wretched book!



Thanks Rawiya

Yes, another Wretched volume is in the books. The 2.5 is the last one before I start the last 6 or 7 in the Wretched Tales series. It’s been an awesome ride doing these books and I’m happy to say, very rewarding. People have been downloading this series to the tune of nearly 10k between ARe and Smashwords. That doesn’t include the downloads on Goodreads either. Thanks so much. 

It seems I found my niche; writing rock stars with bad attitudes and loose lips. *giggles* I love them all and I’ll be starting another set of books after The Wretched, but they won’t be free nor will it be as long.

Anyways, before I put Corey and company to bed, 2.5 is on the docket. It’s called Is This Love and me and Shar love it. We think it’s our best one yet and because we didn’t do the installment in July, we made this one longer and will be releasing the volume with another off scene right behind it. 

While writing, the Whitesnake tune came to my head and of course I decided, hell, let’s name it Is This Love. Corey is questioning his feelings for a certain someone in this book.

Will he get the happiness he craves? You’ll have to read to find out.

Here’s a snippet.

* * * *

Just as I suspected, the war in my head begun, completely overtaking the stupid banter of my bandmates in the background.

Should I chalk it up and tell Nicolai I’m sorry or wait it out to talk with Trey?

And if I did say fuck it and go back to Nicolai, would it be a mistake or would the bigger error be waiting for Trey tell me what was on his mind?

There were pros and cons to both, but regardless, I couldn’t stop thinking about Trey and how much I wanted us to be together; his body on top of mine, the kisses, the caresses.

That flip floppy thing my heart did almost a day ago was real and not just gas building in my chest or stomach. It was my connection with Trey DelaConte.

It was my fucking heart filling with something I’d never experienced.

It was love.

It was fucking love for Trey DelaConte and no one else.

When I told Nicolai to take his girl and go fuck himself, I meant it because I loved Trey DelaConte.

Because of that feeling, I had to give us a chance.

I had to give us something to hold on to, even if Nicolai’s chiding and the girl coming were more than threatenig.

I had to do this because my connection with Trey was more than infatuation.

I had to because I fucking loved Trey DelaConte and settling for anyone else meant failure.

Before I could go to sleep comfortably, we arrived at the venue for sound check. It went off without a hitch, with me nailing every bass part even though my every piece of my body was hurting.

My head from thinking about Trey.

My ass because of Trey and my fucking heart because I was almost sure I was being set up for heartbreak.

As Nicolai said, Trey couldn’t handle it. He bailed on me when I needed him to be there. He couldn’t take the heat I was dishing out. He didn’t want to own up to what occurred between us so instead of talking out like a man, he faked an illness and ran off like a scared little bitch.

And here I thought this man had balls. He told the record company to put his bi status in the band’s bio. He could stand up to fans and haters who wanted to call him a fag. Trey walked around like the badass on the block, but instead of telling me he couldn’t do this, he left me behind to make an ass out of myself.

Yeah, thanks for that.

Despite it all, I still wanted this man with every fiber of my being. I needed to tell him how much I loved him, how I wanted to be his regardless of what would happen next. Although I desired to be his one and only, I’d settle to be a third in his life and not in Nicolai’s just to be around him. Yes, I said it so I’d have a small chance of turning his head all the way around to be with me.

I desired that chance.

I thought I deserved it.

Hell, I thought that was the least he could do after leaving me in bed alone.

He owes me.

Trey fucking owed me.

He owed me big time in a very big way.

As you can tell my friends, I am angry. I’m angry the man I’m falling in love with is a douche. He’s not as bad as Nicolai, but he is a douchebag for not staying behind and telling me how he felt. I know what he’ll say. He was scared we were getting too close; he needed to clear his head. Yeah, that’s what we men do. When the heats’ turned up, we run away with our tails between our legs. I know all of this because I’ve used the excuses myself back in the day so I get it, but I really thought he was different and better.

And better.

Better than any man who claims he can’t handle a potential lover.

I get it. He still has a woman and she’s special to him, but what about me?


We don’t know each other all that well, but I believe in fate.

I believe in things happening for a reason, Karma, and all that even though I am an atheist.

I’m a believer in desire, in love at first sight, why because I like having hope in something.

That sounds godly, right? I’m sure it does. If I don’t keep my faith in anything else, it’s the power of attraction and connection because, my friends, I really want to fall in love.

I want a person in my life I could call my own. I don’t care about gender; not in the least. If we have that connection, I know we can make it work. I have that thing with Trey and I wanna pursue it.

If there is anything at all you’ve learned from reading my thoughts, it’s that a relationship is what I want. Despite the love for kink, I desire the vanilla. I want to make love, cuddle, wake up with morning breath next to this person and still kiss. I want coffee in the morning with him or her, to read the paper, to get ready for work which in my world, would be a sound check or recording with whatever band I’m in. And I want to see him or her off to work, or hell, just kiss them on the way out because I wanna take care of my someone so they won’t have to hold down a job.

You know why? Because, even though I love the kink and the fun, I love the regular daily shit a lot more. It means more to me. The kink you can do with just about anyone, but anything meaningful is saved for someone who matters.

I want someone that matters in my life.

For the rest of my life.

I thought that would be Trey and I still have hope that it will.


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