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I’m happy to join in on this conversation hosted by Thianna D about stereotypes.

As an author of interracial romance, I’m always interested in talking about stereotypes. Even more important, I’m a black female, so many of the generalizations might affect me as a minority and a woman. One of my biggest pet peeves as a reader and author is fetishizing people because they are a minority.

“I’ve never been with a ________ before.” Not only have I seen this in books, but I’ve experienced it in real life when I was still a single lady. When I heard this from a guy, it was always an automatic turn off, so you can imagine how I feel when I read a book with characters talking about another human being as if they were an alien. In romance, this is pretty common in books written by white authors. Not to say it doesn’t happen in others, but from what I’ve seen, contemporary love stories fetishize human differences more than any. I’m sure many see it as just saying what’s on their mind, but I’ve always thought, does the author ever put themselves in the character’s head? If someone told you, wow, I’ve never been with a ___ before, how would you feel? Wouldn’t it make you feel less than human? An object? It sounds like, man, I’ve never dated a three headed dragon!



When you date that dragon, the statement would be appropriate, but in contemporary stories, show your man or woman treating that other human like a person and not an object. We’re all human, so why not treat that minority, regardless of race, nationality, sexuality, or gender, with respect?

Hope you enjoyed my post. Please visit the other authors on their feelings about stereotypes! http://blog.thiannad.com/the-conversation


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