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Sometimes you just have to weigh in #Kerfuffle

Posted on: November 14, 2015

Beautifully, well written article about the latest drama in M/M romance.

Love's Last Refuge

There’s another kerfuffle wrinkling the romance sheets, specifically a complaint piece written by an anonymous individual (apparently a gay male, but… anonymous) with issues to the effect that he wants to emphasize Gay Men Are Not Collectables. Before you race to click the link, there are NSFW photos of male anatomy that aren’t making it into “that special folder.”

Oh stop… you’ve got one, too.

Much ado was being made over on Face Book when this hit the airwaves, with folks weighing in on an issue/concern that’s been ongoing for quite some time, to wit: are women capable of writing—authentically and legitimately—to, for and about gay culture and the gay experience? A corollary to that question is anonymous’ claim that with the explosion in popularity of the MM romance genre that gay males are being objectified and “collected.”

Lisa wrote an op-ed piece exploring these questions and more. She did…

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