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Michael Mandrake

index Ah the trouble with having 3, 4, 5, nevermind.

I have three main writing muses and with each one, they like to tell stories in a different way. With BLMorticia, she likes swearing, lots of sex, and snark. Rawiya likes drama free, contemporary, with lots of emotion, and Michael, well, this muse likes all of that, but he’s a fan of torturing the characters until they say no mas!


In Michael’s books, he tests the characters willpower, their stamina, and maybe, just maybe after he’s done everything he possibly could to them, they might get an HEA.

Michael’s first release with Pride Publishing will be On the Run, the first in the PROTEKT series. Here, the characters are driven to one another by fear and attraction as well as the desire to live on the edge. Mike and I wanted Aiden and Devlin to go through…

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Greetings folks.

I post so rarely on this blog, but I did want to share great news.

Smooth Like Latte and Time to Make the Donuts have both been picked by Thirteen Below press.

I re-did both books so they’ll be totally different than the first

I’m very excited and will keep you posted about the release dates for next year.

Also, wicked gal is hard at work. She just finished Living in Sin, N’awlins Exotica 3.1 and is moving right along into book 4, Hell Hath No Fury with Michael. She’s also working on Wounded Paths, the third book in the Wounded series with Remmy Duchene as well as edits on Wounded Pride.

Not to mention edits on Under the Gun 2.

Lordy is she busy!

Michael will be working on Hell Hath with her and then switching gears to his own series, PROTEKT Book 2 Closely Guarded.

Is there room for me to write?


Yes, I’ll be starting rewrites on Living in the Now.

That’s a lot to go, right?

Shar is running ragged

Beautifully, well written article about the latest drama in M/M romance.

Love's Last Refuge

There’s another kerfuffle wrinkling the romance sheets, specifically a complaint piece written by an anonymous individual (apparently a gay male, but… anonymous) with issues to the effect that he wants to emphasize Gay Men Are Not Collectables. Before you race to click the link, there are NSFW photos of male anatomy that aren’t making it into “that special folder.”

Oh stop… you’ve got one, too.

Much ado was being made over on Face Book when this hit the airwaves, with folks weighing in on an issue/concern that’s been ongoing for quite some time, to wit: are women capable of writing—authentically and legitimately—to, for and about gay culture and the gay experience? A corollary to that question is anonymous’ claim that with the explosion in popularity of the MM romance genre that gay males are being objectified and “collected.”

Lisa wrote an op-ed piece exploring these questions and more. She did…

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It’s not really news for me just yet

More for BL who’s busy doing the Nano thing.

Read her post here

In my news, I’m waiting on decisions to come back about my redos I’ve submitted to a pub. They have asked if I would expand Donuts a little, so I will and hope they’ll want to publish my story.

I will be writing again soon with Michael on See No Evil, the final book in the N’awlins series as well as the complete story for Guardian Angel.

We hope to get that done before June for PRIDE.

That will be a self publish and we can give Samuel and Daniel their full story.

There are other things on the docket for me. The story I did with Remmy Duchene will be reworked a little and passed on to BL so she can continue the series.

Again, what did Shar say about writing series?


I have a story called Love in the Slow Lane I’d like to do next year. When BL writes herself out, maybe I’ll get a chance.


Michael has things to do as well. The 2nd Book in the PROTEKT series which he’ll be doing in December along with the Twins prequel about their vampire father, Gren DuMont.

BL is always busy. In addition to the two books she’s doing, she’s doing book 3 with Remmy Duchene. It promises to be a humdinger and they’re still waiting for news on book 2, Wounded Pride.

She is also doing her first Lesbian book as well as Hirah Blaze’s stories for The Wretched which will be written in its entirety then released as a trilogy.

Yep, Shar is determined not to allow a series to go too long anymore.

Too many muses and too much to do.

We run her ragged, I know, but we do it because we love inspiring her!

In the meantime, check out the latest releases for Michael and BL!

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