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New release by Michael!

Michael Mandrake

OntheRun  Greetings folks. Well, Shar’s been busy, but we still need to let you know of the latest news!

Pride Publishing has On the Run up for early download! Here is the blurb and a sneak peek!

Who would’ve thought that a British hitman would fall in lust at first sight with an American felon? It could become deadly for both.

Aiden Moriarty is a Florida ‘herbalist’ who works with a performance-enhancing drug used by many athletes. One of them is baseball star Ivan Salerno, who was caught using the drug and is now on the brink of getting suspended. Because of Ivan’s connections with a rogue mob boss, Aiden is taken into a witness-protection program, working along with baseball higher-ups until he testifies.

The mob boss, Augustine Ora, has hired former British military officer and his best hitman Devlin ‘Brit’ Crawford to do the job. Ora has instructed Devlin…

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Great blog. Very thought provoking

Come Selahway With Me...

There are few cliche things that authors hear a lot. People mean well and a lot of these phrases do hold some truths, but they’re also really annoying, especially when you’re stressing about meeting deadlines, depressed about rejections and feel like you’re gaining no ground, stressed about balancing time so you can get out some word count, irritable about promoting and trying to get people’s attention…

The one thing I’ve heard time and again is an oldie but a goodie: “Well, chin up, I know it’s frustrating but a writer writes for themselves, right?”

I hate this. I really, really hate this phrase or any variation of it. With a burning, vile passion.

Here’s the thing. Yes, yes it is true…to a point. You should absolutely write for yourself, because doing anything hoping to get famous/rich/laid/noticed isn’t going to work. People see that a mile away, or eventually get wise…

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I will be at TRS all this week with a giveaway!

Contest: Copy of Under the Gun, Wounded Hearts, and a 5GC from Amazon!


I will be at TRS all this 

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