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Actually this is more of a BL muse and she already has plans for him.

However, I love his look too and I’m hoping to work him into a Rawiya story. 

Maybe a Reluctant Groupie perhaps?

We’ll see

In the meantime, enjoy British model Sam Reece




My story from the Don’t Read in the Closet event 

is on All Romance books

Shar and I decided not to release it as a standalone because we want Thaddeus and Seth to have more story

And they will, sometime this year.

In the meantime, you can read this and other stories in the Goodreads MM Romance freebies!

Goodreads Books


Shar is doing a chat and the first review of NDS

BLMorticia Erotica With Snark

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Good morning smexy people

Are you recovering from that hangover?

Or you don’t plan to?

Or will you be doing more partying tonight?


Regardless, check in with Shar (the head) for an online chat on Facebook.

We’ll be giving away an Orrin prize pack

Here is the link

Also, here is the first review for No Denying Sin from Bike Book!


Oh and one more thing, Michael is doing a bloghop sponsored by Evernight

Make sure you stop by for a chance to win an IPad mini!

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