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Wind Down Wednesday

Posted on: November 26, 2014

NoDeny1  Good morning,

I haven’t done the Wind down in quite a while and since Miss BL is super busy cranking out new stories, I thought I’d give it to her. Take it away BL!


Thanks kiddo!

Soo, what went into writing No Denying Sin?

Well, first off, I must say I’m happy that me and Mikey share a brain because I had to dig deep into the characters to write them. I mean, they weren’t my creations, but I’m thinking when he came up with Kenina and Orrin especially, he thought about me.



And Mikey does write in here too, even though his name isn’t on the cover. He writes the parts for Eli, our redheaded friend who can’t keep his hands off of anybody. *smirks*

And I write the saucy and never boring Kenina as well as Vance and Orrin.

Orrin has quickly become one of my fave characters. He’s no nonsense, quite lewd at times, and he’s a helluva cop.

He’s also complicated, thinks way too much at times, and hell, he can be sort of a thorn in your side.

Then, the opposite is Vance Morain who is just a load of fun. He’s from Dallas, he’s country, and he can also be lewd. *snort*

But this man knows how to love and when he’s focused, he is just that. He doesn’t take turn down’s easily, and he’s tough as shit.

So, seemingly I had two alpha males trying to make a relationship out of basically nothing but blue balls and a partnership that hasn’t been in existence that damn long. How do I make these freaking boneheads fall in love?

One, was to get Orrin over his hangups. I’m telling you, that wasn’t easy. And then Vance with his, I wasn’t raised a gay… cut that shit. *growls* There’s more to that but you’ll have to read to find out. In the meantime, I did have some music to push me along.

Mostly, rock because Orrin Daugherty is hard nosed. Until I got to the last part which is a story for another day. *snorts*

This song in particular I focused on


Why this song? Well, I considered the budding relationship between Vance and Orrin to border on obsession. And the other characters going nuts adds to the sexual tension in the book. I know that sounds vague but we don’t wanna give everything away do we?

Anyway, this song says desperation, obsession, angst, a lot of emotion which is why I used it. NIN is one of my fave bands to use for inspiration too!

\m/ \m/

Thanks for listening and look for the book in late December! 

Here’s an unedited snippet of No Denying Sin!

After Chief listened to all their ideas about the case, Frankie grabbed Morain to go take a walk with their reheated coffees in hand. Neither of them were heading out onto the field anyway. Since all of them were on a day shift, most of the work would be done by computer.

“So, Morain? What’s up my man? You…”

Vance sighed and dropped his head, adjusting the black Stetson atop his messy curls. He hoped Frankie wouldn’t cause a scene to bring on any undue attention. “I think you were right, Choteau.”


“My…um, desires. I can’t seem to get that man outta my head.”

“Well good. Means you can stay the hell away from mine,” Frankie playfully nudged Vance.

“Whatever, Frankie. There was nothing going on and you know it. Kajika flirted and flaunted his pretty self in front of me and wham! It woke up some shit in me I ain’t never experienced. So thank him for me.”

“All right, well…” Frankie shifted his weight from one foot to the other and took a sip from his mug. “Have you ever thought about being with a guy?”

“Not sexually. I remember back in high school I might’ve had a small crush on a couple of my teammates, but I was too afraid to say shit. My daddy don’t like faggots, Frankie so I let it go.”

“Understood my man. Mine didn’t like em either but my momma accepted me for what I was regardless. Part of this is accepting it yourself first before pushing it on other people, ya know? Now, the real question is, what do you intend to do about it?”

“You tell me.” Vance looked away again a moment before meeting Frankie’s brown gaze again. “Orrin don’t want no in office relationships.”

“He says that now, but I think if you came at him hard enough, he’d bend. Just don’t make it so damn obvious in front of everyone, especially Miss Kenina, right? Try not to look at him with puppy dog eyes or stare at his tight, plump… ahem, nice ass. Just make your feelings known in a subtle way when you’re out alone together and I bet you, he’ll eventually come around.”

“You think? And Frankie, I gotta ask you, since when you been checking out Orrin when you got that pretty man at home?”

“Well shit, Vance, I’m taken, but I ain’t dead. Orrin’s a good looking man. The new haircut fits him well and you can tell the man’s been working hard on his body. Fuck the kid is cut!”

“Um, yeah…” Vance eyed Frankie, confused.

“He is, Morain, but no worries, that’s all you, right? Hell, I’ll help you loosen the man up a little.”

Just so we can have a little something down the line.

“I’ll talk you up, explain to him how being down here ain’t like it was in Boston. Whatever, you want me to do.”

“Thanks for that, Frankie. I still dunno if this is the real thing yet, but heck, it’s not like I got a million females banging on my door.”

“And if you did?”

“I probably still wouldn’t do a God dang thing with them. I mean, I did have that feisty, big tittied redheaded wanting to reel me in. And, hell I even turned her down.”

“Cause you thought about Orrin?”

“More than just Orrin. Definitely Kajika, and hell, you ain’t so bad yourself, partner.”

“Ah, well thanks, my man, but Kajika’s gotten a bit more jealous these days, not sure why.” Frankie quickly cleared his throat again and glanced away while finishing the contents in his cup. “Anyway, I’m hoping this talk helped a little. Anytime you need to chat about something, call me. And I think my man will get a kick out of what you said about making you discover yourself. He said you needed a good man in your bed and I guess my baby was right.”

“Yeah he was, Frankie. I don’t think I’ll be able to tell my folks, man. I know they’ll be disappointed.”

“Well, their loss, my friend. Just remember what I told you, okay?  From day one I’ve always said if you find the right person, gender don’t matter. I’ve never liked being a label Vance. We aren’t born with em so why be worried? But since mother fuckers want to call everyone something, we go with it. We’re all human, Vance, meant to fuck and fall in love. That’s it.”

“I get it, really I do, but I don’t want to be with anyone else on the long term. The more time I spend with Orrin, everything just points back to him, ya know?”

“Sounds like someone’s falling hard then,” Frankie laughed and casually rubbed his shoulder. Though he wasn’t all that keen on the idea, he’d let go of his jealousy to see Vance and Orrin make some sort of headway.

After all, they were his friends and as Kajika stated, they would make a very, cute and volatile pairing.

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