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Its an older article but still true! ❤ DIVERSITY

Anastasia Vitsky

I just read this (vanilla) blog post by Cheryl Rainfield about why we need diversity in YA fiction.  Could not agree more.  I won’t say “but it goes beyond YA fiction” because, quite fairly, she *is* talking about YA fiction.  She’s a YA author.  By the same token, I write spanking fiction so I will talk about diversity in spanking fiction.

But it does go beyond YA fiction or even mainstream fiction.  The one stipulation I will demand for cover art on my books is that I do not want the characters shown from the front.  Why?  I do not want a race or ethnicity assigned to the characters, at least not by an artist.  For a reader to enjoy the story and imagine the characters as a certain ethnicity (often the same as the reader) is lovely and what I hope will happen.  To present the characters as…

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Shar let me talk about writing the fluffy in my fiction

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