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Wind Down Wednesday

Posted on: June 25, 2014

IdrisElba  Morning peeps. Happy Hump day. Since I haven’t done a Wind Down in a while, I decided this was a good of a time as ever. But I’m on writing hiatus which means Michael is busy. *giggles* BL is too but hen is she not busy. 0.O Anyways, I’m turning over the blog to brother muse for some musical inspiration on his exciting new WIP!

Thanks Rawiya. So, I’m finally working on the story BL turned…or actually, Shar forced On the Run out of BL’s hands. (You can read a little about it here.) Why? Because of the lead character, Devlin “Brit” Crawford who is more of a me character than BL. Why? Well, he’s not a musician for one, though he is a former British soldier. He’s charming, debonair, and quite formal. And again, he’s a Brit! *laughs* Why wouldn’t I write a man who is British like myself and Idris Elba, an actual Brit is the perfect man to inspire him. 

He isn’t the trademark drop dead gorgeous as some of the Triad’s other characters which makes him unique. Along with the above traits, he’s what a lot of gay men would call a “manly” gay man. He’s attractive in a manly way, he’s tough, but yet refined. Only rogue when he happens to be. His intelligence and wit go far beyond his years. He is my type of man so I took this story over since its mostly about him and his imperfections. 


What about his desired man? Aiden Moriarty inspired by Matt Bomer, can match Devlin in wit, charm, and intelligence but he isn’t as refined. He’s a troublemaker, a liar, and he fits the snarkiness of a BL type of character. He’s strong, can go rogue if needed and a pretty boy as you can see. They appear to be a mismatch which is what I like about them and they’re already presenting some challenges for me as I get into the meat of this story.

So what about the musical inspiration? And old song, very old actually. Romantic, sort of sad in a way. Perfect for this kind of couple. They aren’t meant to be together, Devlin is on a mission to kill Aiden but can’t because he sees someone he’d like to get to know better. There’s so many ins and outs to their story, more intrigue and action than romance but we’ll try to keep the sexual tension and heat at a high level. *winks*


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