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The Problem with Diversity in Books

Posted on: June 10, 2014

What a great article on Diversity in books!

4 Responses to "The Problem with Diversity in Books"

thanks for sharing this 🙂 great link!

I thought so too. I’m about to write something similar and I’m doing my research. 😉

I was kind of upset by a series of posts on the subject recently, one on Kristen Lamb’s blog (who I usually really like). But I just didn’t like the attitude that seemed to be floating between the lines there, that the fear of “doing it wrong” was limiting to authors. That the “PC police” would shut you down if you even attempted to write outside of your experience. I tried to make a comment, but I don’t think I came across very well.

Then on tumblr I saw a post that said basically: “‘political correctness kills creativity’? if you can’t create something without furthering the oppression of minorities, you aren’t a very creative person.”

And that was exactly what I wish I’d said on that blog.
Good luck with your post, I’ll be looking for it!

Wow, I’m interested to know what Ms. Lamb said about it.

The thing is we as authors shouldn’t allow that to stop us from writing outside our comfort zone. When a story hits you hard enough you should explore it, not be fearful of doing it because of something you think is the way a certain group should act.

We’re all different and unique in every way. Not every single person of races, creeds, religions, orientations, acts exactly the same. No one should assume who someone acts because of what they’ve seen on TV or heard about.

I hate when people write the stereotypes in unless it will further the plot. Is it essential to the story, fine leave it in. Otherwise, leave the stereotypes out of fiction. Paint with a broader brush and respect people as people

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