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Jayden Review

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Colin Wayne , model and former soldier makes a great muse.

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HopRawiya   Greetings lovlies! Welcome to the hop against homophobia and transphobia event. I’m glad you decided to stop in to my place today.

So what does homo and transphobia mean? Wikipedia says  this about the word: phobias are phobia (from the Greekφόβος phóbos,”aversion”, “fear, morbid fear”) is, when used in the context of clinical psychology, a type of anxiety disorder, usually defined as a persistent fear of an object or situation in which the sufferer commits to great lengths in avoiding, typically disproportional to the actual danger posed, often being recognized as irrational.

So that covers things or situations such as bugs, fear of the dark, or heights. What about homo and trans? We know the word homo being used to described homosexuals otherwise gays and trans as transsexuals people who identify with the other gender as opposed to the ones they’re born as.

When you put those meanings together you get people who are afraid of or adverse to gays, lesbians, and or transsexuals. Does that even make sense? It doesn’t but a lot of people have those issues with the GLBTQ community.

They show it in different ways. It may not be running away from gays or trans people like you would a spider but avoiding situations where you’re around people who identify as queer.  Could be as simple as you don’t want to see it, you don’t want to be associated with it or worse you do something to harm the person who identifies as being GLBT.

Good example of this is a story I love to tell everyone when topics like this come up.

A while back, I spent time with my husband watching a movie. In truth, we have such different tastes in film we rarely do this but we decided to take advantage of being alone together. Anyways, we loaded the Netflix and he spoke about a movie I’d never seen or heard of called Dorian Gray.

dgDorian Gray in short is a movie about a man who becomes so enamored by himself when an artist paints his picture he sells his soul to stay young and gorgeous.

Hubby saved it in the queue for us to watch together so we did. Without giving everything away about the picture, there’s a part in the movie where the main character has a homoerotic scene. There is a kiss that lasts about 15 seconds and then the main character pushes the other man down on the floor implying oral sex and then it shows him unzipping. Then the scene shifts.

My husband’s reaction? As soon as the kiss was up, he covered his eyes and when it deepened a little which by the way very hot, he left out the room. *laughs* Now, eventually he came back after the scene was over but when the movie finished, we talked about it a moment. I asked him, what was he so afraid of when he saw two men kissing on screen. He said, I was afraid of it going further and didn’t want to stick around to see what happened next. I rolled my eyes and said, really? I mean, it’s true, some movies especially some foreign films do go much farther than American films especially when it comes to a male/male scene but I told him, even if it did, it’s only a movie!

GOD! It’s a movie! You yourself aren’t on screen kissing the other man. Why should you care or be concerned? His response? “Oh c’mon, Sharita, I just don’t want to see that. I’m not a homophobe.” Oh but my dear hubby, according to the dictionary yes you are.

That occurred about two years ago and now I can happily say my husband is less of a homophobe than he was. No he still isn’t going to be watching any gay movies or going to Pride with me, but he has made strides. *winks*

Other more serious examples are of course the constant bullying and abuse of people of the GLBTQ community. Whether it’s kids getting bullied in schools or on the streets to adults being beaten or even killed because they identify as GLBTQ, it’s all part of homophobia and it needs to stop.

We, people of the community or allies, might not be able to change everyone’s mind, but we can educate them on what’s right and wrong. Just like my husband who didn’t think he was homophobic by running out the room, we can tell loved ones about being tolerant. You might not agree with what a person is or who they identify with but at least respect that person’s life. Treat them correctly and let them live their lives the way they choose.

In the meantime, those of us who consider ourselves allies lets continue to do what we can to make people aware of these issues. They won’t ever go away but we can at least keep the conversation going in a positive direction.

Thanks for listening!

There is a whole list of great authors, pubs, and blogs on this hope. See the impressive list here.

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Now for my contest. I’d like to giveaway any book from the Triad backlist and 10.00 GC from All Romance!

This includes my newest book Something About Jayden COMING May 16th!

Blurb: It is better to love than inflict pain…


Isaac Bridges, married, closeted account executive for Denton & Associates is waiting to take over the company from CEO Silas Denton Senior after he forced Isaac’s father to sign the company over while on his deathbed.  Standing in the way is Silas Junior and upstart intern Jayden DeMario. Jayden’s beauty, intelligence, and commitment to excellence has wowed Isaac so much that Isaac changed his mind about the importance of vengeance for his dad into the vow to win Jayden’s heart. Will Isaac’s decision backfire, leaving him lonely and thus destroying his career?


 Married and closeted, Isaac Bridges seeks to win intern Jayden DeMario’s heart against all odds including his own selfish desire to regain his father’s company. After years of being the good son to the homophobic CEO Silas Denton Sr., Isaac wishes to place the Bridges name back in the forefront but will he throw away all his hard work for the young man he obsesses over?


Amira Press


Isaac grimaced when Silas finished his statement. “Right…I…” When a man approached with his secretary in tow, he stopped talking.

“Isaac? You what, man?” Silas tilted his head, asking a question.

Isaac gulped hard, glancing at the young gentleman coming into view.

Damn, who is this?

Isaac blinked, “I agree, I totally… um, Silas, you got…” Isaac nodded his head in the man’s direction. He could barely form the words looking at this pretty sight standing behind his boss.

Silas turned around. “Oh, hello, and you…are… my goodness, who are you?” He reached for the man and grasped his hands tightly.

Yeah, who the heck are you, sexy man?

“Mr. Denton, this is Jayden DeMario. He’s one of the interns from Roosevelt University.” The lady with him smiled sweetly and winked at Isaac. “Hey, Mr. and Mrs. Bridges. You both look amazing tonight.”

Isaac had to change his focus and stop staring at the hot young intern. “Well thank you. I’m really loving that dress on you, Tamela. It’s uh…” Isaac didn’t want to be disrespectful to Debra, but he had to do something not to give away his interest in Jayden.

“Oh, thanks.” Tamela gushed and kissed him on the cheek.

When Debra elbowed him, Isaac squeezed her hand and glanced in the direction of the intern who’d moved away from them.

Maybe it was for the best they did. Jayden was a beauty, tall and of Latino decent. His black ponytail reached the small of his back. Even through the suit, Isaac could tell the man took care of himself. He’d love to see more of that up close and personal. Shit.  Dark brown eyes lay behind those black frames, and his face chiseled from stone; perfect nose and narrow cheekbones, and the chin. Damn, the man was so well put together he looked like he just stepped out of a magazine or movie.

Who was this kid, and when could he start so he and Isaac could get to know one another before Silas corrupted him?

“Isaac. You okay?” Debra’s voice broke him out of his trance.

Isaac glanced down at her and pulled her hand up to his lips. “Sorry about that, honey, but I think I just found love. And I… I swear, I don’t think I’ve ever been hit like this.”

“Whoa, babes.” Debra whispered to him, looking around her while she talked. “The kid? I mean, he is pretty hot, but he’s an intern. Didn’t you just tell me about dating men half my age?”

“Yeah, I did but… I mean, look at him.” Isaac peered over at Silas, most likely wooing him with his Twitter account followers and the spiel on being his favorite boy. Isaac had to admit he’d probably be doing the same thing if he had the chance.

“Isaac, you don’t wanna date where you work. That’s dangerous, and besides, again, you told me about Darnell and…”

“And that was for you, my friend, not me.” Isaac cleared his throat, hoping to get Silas’ attention and meet the man in person. “Hey, um, Silas, you need another drink or…”

Silas looked up and laughed, taking Jayden by the hand.

Oh, hell, it might be too late to save him from Silas.

“This, my friends, is Jayden DeMario, our new intern. I think I’m going to put him under your tutelage, Isaac. You’re great at what you do, and the man seems to know a lot about our company.”


Isaac smiled, wishing he could do a silent fist pump.

Jayden’s eyes widened when Silas stopped speaking. “So… you mean I got the job? I…”

“Of course, young man. You’re…” Silas moistened his lips and gripped his palm. “You’re too smart and well qualified. I’d love to have you on my team. So… this is Isaac Bridges and his lovely wife. Isaac, Jayden DeMario. Let me inform the ladies at the front that the position’s been filled. They can turn away all other interns for the evening. We found our man!” Silas let go of Jayden’s hand and grasped his shoulder instead, shaking it. “Why don’t the two of you get acquainted?” Silas slapped Jayden’s back and walked away.

Isaac held out his hand for Jayden. Once they connected, a shot of adrenaline went from his hand straight to his cock. Damn, this was only the first meeting, and the man already had an effect on his libido. “Nice to meet you, Jayden. I’m, uh… very excited to work with you. This is my beautiful wife, Debra.”

“Hi, Jayden, lovely to meet you.”





Release Day for Something About Jayden

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Rhett and Darren are almost ready to be released.

The story is in edits but you can pre-order at ARe



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The top one was er, interesting. I’m doing a guest review at Corey’s on that one.

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Still all were enjoyed. Check out these rock star romances!





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