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Wind Down Wednesday

Posted on: April 9, 2014

Good morning all. I’m happy to have wicked Sis, BLMorticia on today with a little snippet from her next in The Wretched series, Greed Will Get You Everywhere. Take it away BL!


Thanks Rawiya. Yeah, this is Rawiya’s segment for us to talk about how a song inspired us but really, Black Hole Sun is the song Corey is singing in the beginning of this story. *chuckles* And actually, Shar remarked how much she truly loved Soundgarden and would love to see them live so, since she’s on the grunge metal kick, why not! In this part, Corey is singing before having a tit for tat with the object of his wayward affection, Nicolai Zander, the lead singer.

Enjoy this little bit from the story.

nicholi_2.3oneBlack hole sun, won’t you come and wash away the rain−” The raspy wail of Chris Cornell woke me up from my post sex haze and I wiped my mouth of the trail of saliva. “Fucking hell! Renee?” I slightly rose my head and turned to the left, peeping the empty foil packets and a plastic baggy with two pills inside sitting atop stained sheets. “Corey?” I shaded my eyes from the light peeking through the blinds. I looked to the right, seeing Corey’s Viking garb and his sword lying on the carpet. What the fuck went on here after Corey and I did it? Did we party? Did we have more sex?

I sure fucking hope so.

My mind didn’t have a clue.

“Won’t you come−” Corey stepped out the bathroom, crooning, fully dressed in black jeans and a Metallica tee with a toothbrush hanging from the side of his mouth. “Mornin’ sleeping beauty. There’s some coffee ready if you want some.” He spun around, still finishing the song.

“Uh, thanks and good morning to you, princess. Where’s my queen at? Do you know?” I slowly moved, trying to sit upright in this rather uncomfortable bed. I winced when my joints protested my motions. “Corey?”

“I haven’t heard a thing from Queen Renee. After you conked out, I went back to my room to get some proper sleep. Good thing we didn’t have a show today. Everyone was probably too drunk or high to look for either one of our asses.” Corey yelled back from the bathroom over the next Soundgarden tune.

“Yeah. Ow.” I held my head, feeling the tension in my temples. Just what the hell did I have after Corey allowed me to butt fuck him with no lube? “Hey stud, did you catch the license plate of the Mack truck that hit me earlier?”

Corey laughed, “Yeah. Speed with a little of Corey, asswipe. We had a drink, took a couple of pills and you passed out on me. So I ran back to my room, got a shower, a nap, and came back in here.”

“Why?” I attempted to scoot to the edge of the mattress but my fucking legs went numb.

“Cause I’m a glutton for punishment I suppose. I don’t get why I like you, Nicolai. I want to get you out of my system cause I know I can’t trust your ass.”

Hearing that, I had to smile a little. I knew I had Corey Patrick around my little finger and I was overjoyed knowing it was actually true. “You love me−” Yeah I was feeling a little emotional. Not only did I want this man something fierce but I desired the connection with him like I had with Renee. You got a problem with my sentimental side?

Yeah I know you don’t.

“Fuck no, I think I lust you and you know what they say about lust.” Corey replied and leaned against the doorway.

“Yeah but you don’t wanna admit that it’s more Corey.” Still in pain, I moved slightly and laid out on the bed so he could catch my semi erect cock standing proudly between my legs. Eyeing him, I gave my balls a quick tug. “Look babe, let’s stop playing games. You feel a lot more for me than you do, say Deborah Meyer, Bryan, or Trey. You been wanting me for months, I know this.”

Corey moistened his lips and dropped his brown gaze. “You don’t know shit−”

“Yeah I do, Corey. Like you said, if you really didn’t want me, then you wouldn’t have come back to this room. You would’ve stayed in yours and waited to see me later on at the dinner table when I suppose everybody else will wake the fuck up. You wouldn’t be in my room brushing those pretty ass teeth that I’d like to stick my cock in between while you suck me. Dude, Corey…babe, you want this. I. Own. You. And, your emotions.” I stroked myself while speaking the sweet words. I knew it and so did Corey. He just didn’t know in what capacity.

“Stop that, Nicolai. I care, I know I do. A little too fucking much if you ask me. I wondered if you’d wake up okay after we downed them pills with the Jager.”

I chuckled in response. “Babe, I’m damn near invincible. I been popping, snorting, and then some almost as long as you been on earth. I’m a legend, Corey. With the devil behind me, nothing can fucking happen to me.”


Look for Wretched 2.3 to be up by early next week.

To catch up with the whole series, click here


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