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Saturday Sips – Love’s Landscapes Story

Posted on: March 29, 2014

MeanttoBe   Greetings readers. This Saturday Sips is late but it’s great nice. There, on the left is my mock cover for the Goodreads short that will be out in June. This is the first time we’re participating in the m/m Goodreads anthology and I’m very excited Shar picked me to do it.

I can’t reveal the title but I’ll give you a little taste here. BTW, that pic on the lower right is the inspiration for this story.

Read more about the Goodreads event here.

And the letter from the reader here

Blurb: Parents have high expectations for their kids and some are just un-freaking-reasonable. Thaddeus Dawson, a successful, handsome librarian has been told not to bring a white woman into his mom’s house but what will momma say if he brings a white man?

Seth Gottlieb has ended up with the short end of the stick with just about everything. No job, no car, living with his friends but still happy because he’s landed the catch of the century in boyfriend, Thaddeus. With all his bad luck its a wonder how they became so close.

Perhaps it was fate or the effing gods giving Seth a chance. Maybe it was just meant to be.


“Thad, Thad?” Lisa’s shriek woke Thaddeus Dawson out of the most amazing dream. If only that vision would come true just to save himself the heartache to come. “Thad?” Lisa shook him repeatedly.mmgoodreadsevent

“Hm? Yes, Lisa, yeah, uh.” Thaddeus sat up straight and his cheeks flushed. He was embarrassed about falling asleep in the library lounge. “I must’ve dozed off while reading this book.” Thaddeus removed his black rimmed glasses and set his copy of Cross My Heart by James Patterson on the table.

“Oh I just bet you did, Thad. You’ve been real busy at night huh?” Lisa lowered her purple frames on the bridge of her nose and swiped the wayward red strands out of her face. She flashed Thad a smirky smile and waltzed to the other side of his chair. “How’s the new man doing, hmm?”

Thad returned the grin with an even wider one. “Oh he’s fine. Still trying to get things right with his life but, we’re coming along.” Thad quickly stood, not wanting to discuss his love life with resident fag hag, Lisa Stanley. She could be a pain in the ass at times and when she was bored, she didn’t take issue with sharing not so common knowledge about him.

“Oh come on, Thad. When you gonna spill about him, hmm? And when are you going to tell that meddling mom of yours that you’re gay?”

You’re gay…you’re gay…you’re gay

Hearing the words echoing in his brain, Thaddeus clutched his chest and sucked in a breath. He’d been avoiding the humongous task of coming out to his family for many months and Sundays’, fearing the worst. He’d read the horror stories, he’d seen gay friends being shunned by those who claimed to love them. And yes they all came out fine, for lack of a better word. They survived but Thaddeus couldn’t see himself telling mom about being gay as opposed to the woman loving gentleman she’d thought she raised. And then there was the added pressure of…

“Don’t bring no white woman in my house!”

Carolyn Dawson spent many a day preaching that to him and his brother Spencer at the breakfast table when Willis Dawson was alive and beyond. No one of the Caucasian variety was allowed in the Dawson house unless they were selling something or preaching the words from the Bible. Even the former would be under scrutiny but the bottom line, neither one of the Dawson parents approved of their children being in interracial relationships.

And now with Thaddeus being in his early thirties, college educated, making good money as senior librarian at the Adams Park branch in Chicago, he was not only dating outside of his race, he was seeing someone of the same gender.

Oh boy.

What would Carolyn think of him now?


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