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Greetings readers.

I’m not writing at the moment. Still awaiting word on Jayden from a publisher

So I’ll let Michael and BL take Shar’s headspace for now

In the meantime, NNP has reduced the price of Smooth Like Latte and Sugar Daddy at ARe

Check it out here




Veronice sure has a lot on her mind! ❤

Veronica Bagby

1Hello again readers. This is your girl Veronica with another trending post. Oh I’ll have a lot of these especially when I’m not writing fiction. Guaranteed, you shall hear my words one way or the other. I dunno if that’s bad or good but hey, if you’re here on my blog it must mean you wanna hear me talk.

So, remember how I said I was a mature woman? That means I’m forty and ninety percent of the time, I act my age. Of course, being human I do like a tad of the silliness and I’ll even give props to some of the latest fads and trends but one I cannot, no I CANNOT get with is the sagging pants! Listen, men of all ages and creeds, please pull your pants up. It is not attractive nor is it cool to wear your pants sagging off your rear end…

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Veronica is blogging again about love!

Veronica Bagby

Macklemore, Mary Lambert, Madonna, Ryan Lewis, Queen LatifahGood morning readers. Whew, it sure is cold but the muse gets to stay warm inside Shar’s head while she goes out into the polar vortex to make some bacon. *grins* Well, did you watch the Grammys? Shar only watched part of it but we did catch the Madonna/Mackelemore/Queen Latifah performance of “Same Love” which had everybody talkin and or bawlin.

*raises hand*

I mean, what a beautiful display of love; 33 couples some of mixed race and or gender, getting married in front of most of the who’s who in music. It was lovely and I think a great message to those in society who want to hate on the people because of their differences.

971665_10151494259226174_682410364_nNo question, me, being an African American straight woman, I do love me some men. Yep, not a lesbian bone in me even though I have been known to look at a few beauties…

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Great blog about interracial books and why people still have issues with reading them.

As a writer of interracial romance I knew there would be backlash. Anyone that steps away from what is considered normal faces this issue. It can pay off big or cost you your career.

There was a time when I was under the delusion race didn’t matter. My parents are those stupid ones that raised me to see the person not the race. Damn fools that they are. As my husband says, I can do that, I’m white. I can choose to be with the minority or majority, he cannot. Yep, I’m married to a black man. What can I say, I write what I know.

People tell me its 2014 there’s no racism. They told me that lie in 1998 when I married my husband. I have a feeling they’ll tell me the same thing in 2029. Yes the world is more accepting of others now, maybe not mixing…

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Corey’s done another review. Its a rockstar romance and it’s het!


CB  Greetings dudes and dudettes, welcome to Corey’s. Man it’s been a helluva long time since I did a freaking book review. Shit… I can’t even recall the last time and really, I haven’t been reading too much as of late either. Damn Nicholai and Renee takin up all my time. Heh… Anyways, today I’m reviewing a het book. What? You didn’t think I would? Well, it’s a story about a rocker…yeah there it is. It’s a rock and roll book and I gotta say, the hero, Joe Hawk sounds hot!

Anyways, it’s a cute little story about a young, pleasantly plump woman who works in a little café as a waitress who has a chance to hook up with her dream man in tight denims. Late one night, Liss, the heroine, is working in the not so busy diner, waiting to go home. Joe Hawk, the lead singer of…

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Veronica is blogging again. An awesome post about facial hair

Veronica Bagby


I’ve dreamt of running my fingers over the fine black hairs gracing that gorgeous face. And with the look he’s giving me right now, I’d do more than just that. How could I say no to him even if he is only 26? Damn youngin! You’re testing my wills here. I did say 25 was the youngest but 14 years? If we get married, I’ll be in the wheelchair while you’re still walking around spry without a walking cane. Sheesh. Unless you keep me in shape then perhaps I can keep up with ya. Oh yeah. Keeping me in shape doesn’t involve no elliptical machines or cardio. Bed action, babes, bed action.

 Mornin. A little impromptu passage based on the picture in the corner. That’s model Andrei Andrei and no, I don’t own the rights to that pic or him. Hmph. Wish I did. Anyways, I posted the pic…

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Morning all.

For my Monday Mornin muse I’m choosing David McIntosh AGAIN

You know when a muse bugs you to write a story>

Yeah, he’s definitely doing that.

If only I could get it on paper right now but Shar’s busy with Michael.

*sigh* It’ll get done

Until then, enjoy the pics

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