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Happy Monday

I do love this pic

His eyes have been touched up but I bet they’re still beautiful without the photoshop

Michael says he looks like a demon.


I’d love to write a story about him!




I’m at the ARe Cafe with a post about writing alternative Xmas stories!





BL closes out the contest

Here is the link




Here are the rest of the links for my newest release





Wow, hard to believe this contest is almost done.

Just a note, we won’t be sending out the prizes until next week.

We’d like to give others a chance to answer.

Okay here is my question

In my book Smooth Like Latte what is Latte’s real name?

A: David

B: Devlin

C: Darnell

D: Davori

The right answer will receive a book from my back list and a something coffee related.


* * * *

SmoothLikeLatte  This is an m/m interracial romance. Real romance. Some sappiness is ahead with two very good looking men who are searching for that happy ever after ending.

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After a half hour bus ride, he walked into his apartment, shivering from the cold air. His ears felt stiff and his head hurt from the below zero temps. Just the block walk from the bus stop left him feeling frigid. I should’ve just spent the extra money to take a cab.

He set his art case by the door and turned up the heat on the thermostat to eighty. He cursed under his breath for not leaving it up when he left that morning. Yes, it would’ve been hot as hell, but at least he would’ve felt toasty warm as soon as he stepped in the door.

Walking through his place, he rubbed his hands together and searched for his cell phone. He’d left it at home because he was in such a rush to make it to his appointment on time. Something told him he had lots of messages. Latte hoped a few of them were from Brendan.

“Ahh, damn.” He plopped on the couch and felt in the crease of the sofa, searching for his Android while he blew on his free hand. “There we go. Damn, bay, thirty-two missed calls? You missed me?” He crossed his legs and grinned, checking the screen. Brendan had left sixteen texts, a bunch just saying where are you? I miss you. There were also two dozen voicemails. “Aw hun, I betta call you, then.”

Just as he tapped the first number, a call came through from Brendan. Latte smiled from ear to ear and pressed the green button. “Hi, sexy man.”

“Where have you been?” Brendan’s voice came through the handset so loud Latte pulled it away from his head.

“I been out, at the dentist. Then I told you I had somewhere to go after that. Did ya miss me?”

“Of course I did. That’s why I’ve called you so many times. I need to see you, Latte. I don’t wanna wait until Friday. Tonight… I wanna see you now.” His tone sounded so needy and breathless.

Damn I wanna make you scream my name tonight!

Latte licked his lips and ran his hand over his smooth dome. Honestly, he didn’t want to wait either, but he wondered where Brendan’s head was at. Besides the desperation, Latte could tell Brendan was more than a little inebriated. Even so, he wouldn’t be turning this hot man down. Lord knows nothing would be more satisfying than spending the evening warming up with Brendan Walsh. “Um, sure; you wanna come by or…”

“Yeah I do, but…” he paused. “I’m a little embarrassed to say, I’ve had a little too much to drink and I probably shouldn’t drive.”

Brendan sighed. “Okay, well, how about this? I’ll send a cab to come getcha and bring you back to my place. How’s that sound? I gotta close friend that owns a cab company.” Latte pulled his wallet out of his back pocket.

“Okay, yeah, that sounds good. He’ll bring me there then, straight there.”

“Yeah, bay, I trust him. Now… okay well, I gotta even betta idea. Why don’t I come getcha in the cab? Like I told ya, I don’t own a car, so…”

“Oh Latte, you’d do that for me?”

“Of course, love. You might need help to the car or somethin’. You sick, or…?”

“No, not yet anyway. I feel it coming on, though. Might need to spend a bit of time in the washroom before I see you.”

Latte winced and shook his head. “Okay, well, you go on and handle that and I’ll meet you… oh wait, you still at work?”

“Uh huh.”

“Okay, I’ll see you at the building in about forty-five to an hour then, alright?”

“Thanks, Latte. You’re wonderful, you know that? I can’t wait to see you.”

“I feel the same.” He smiled to himself as he hit End and stood up from the couch. “Damn I don’t wanna go back out but…” He glanced at the sketch he’d drawn of Brendan. They hadn’t even discussed his main career yet, only because he wanted to wait until after he showed him the picture.

Latte felt Brendan would be extra impressed that he was an artist, and he’d used him as inspiration.

Anything to get closer to you. Well, almost.

Within a half hour, his friend Durrell – an older gentleman he’d known a while – picked him up and took him back to the building to get Brendan. The weather hadn’t let up, but thankfully there would be door to door service, which meant neither one of them would feel the icy cold temps for very long.




Michael is up with another contest

Here is the link

Shar is at Cassandre’s today!

And at MA Church

Passion with a Dark and Dangerous Twist

I love highlighting authors and this lady is one of my favorites. She’s spicy, a talented author and a great friend. She also has multiple personalities just like me – in writing that is. Please welcome my very special guest – Sharita

What inspires you the most?

SL: Hmm, besides hot men and any kind of pictures? Everyday life and problems as well.

Are you lucky enough to write full time or do you have another job?

SL: No, I have an EDJ. Thankfully, DH has allowed me to stay PT though so I only have 25-30 hrs away from my kids and writing.

What genre/s do you write in?

SL: I write mostly m/m but I do some m/f, I’m trying my hand at f/f this coming year. I’ve also done mmf too. I just love romance!

What do your friends and family think about your writing?

SL: Luckily…

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