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Hot in Fall BlogHop – CONTEST

Posted on: October 1, 2013

hifblghop   Greetings folks and welcome to the Hot in Fall Bloghop hosted by the lovely Remmy Duchene!

As you may or may not know, we’re all fans and writers of gay male romance. We love the tension, the stories of the struggle for two men to be accepted in a society that frowns upon homosexual relationships. It makes for great stories that many readers enjoy and some of them really love it when there’s more sensuality between the men.


What does that mean?

First, define sensual: In the dictionary, it means a multitude of things. Arousing or exciting the senses is the one that caught my eye. When we think of sensual, we usually equate that with females, because we like more of the complete picture. We’re more than just visual but we like to feel, taste, and sense the emotions in our characters just as if we were there with them.

So, I could say readers, a lot of them female because more of them are picking up gay romance, want the men in the stories to be sensual with one another, to show how aroused they are. No wham bam, sex. Give them the tender kisses, the touches, massages, the tugging at clothes, the nuzzling of necks, WHEW! I like it all and so do BL and Michael. We refuse to be writers that don’t show every little bit of emotion between the men in our books. A lot of them might do it too much which might be nauseating to some but I think the majority appreciate it.

Why do people think men can’t be sensual? I mean, in my hetero relationship, I’m happily married to a fairly sensual male. Some days, he just holds my hand, touches my face, gives me a back rub. Yes, usually it leads to more but isn’t that supposed to happen? Is every man supposed to be this hair grabbing, fuck you senseless with no emotion kind of individual? Hells no. If mine was, I can tell you, I’d show him the door. The key is balance. Can he grab you and manhandle you and still be tender at times, tells you he loves you, adores you, and still be all man?

Yes Definitely!Depositphotos_10026743_m

Our ideas of how men are or should be remain screwed. The men’s perception of themselves even worse, when they equate being soft and sensual to be femme. Maybe that’s why we, as females, love gay men and their stories because a lot of them realize they have a soft sensual side and accept it. Nothing wrong with that at all and straight men, if you have it, embrace it.

The women, like me, will love you for it.

So, in closing, be sensual, show your feelings. It doesn’t mean you’re any less of a man. It means you’re human. Stop thinking you can’t do that and not be all male. In my opinion, when you show your sensual side, it makes you more of a man to me.

* * * *

CONTEST Win a book from my backlist and a 5GC from Amazon


4th book form the Something New on the Menu Series!

Matthew Davidson wants a MAN! The setting shifts away from the America’s to Britain where Matthew and his childhood friend, Devon Peartly attend a cooking school to obtain their cooking certificates. The young man wants a partner so badly, he decides he’ll try an online dating service in hopes of finding a black man that can take care of and satisfy him romantically.

He finds that man, Antwon Bantu on an online dating site and is instantly intrigued. Little does Matthew know that Antwon is involved in a “convenient” marriage and is seeking a younger partner so he can finally get on with his life. Instead of confessing the truth, he decides to hide it, fearing he’ll lose the chance with Matthew if he informs him. To complicate things, Antwon’s wife claims to be in love with him. Antwon must choose what’s more important; loving Matthew or saving his impeccable reputation as a top barrister in the London courts? 

Which will he choose?  Smashwords Amazon  ARe NNP

Here’s a snippet from the book!

Antwon plopped his large loafers on his cherry wood desk and loosened his tie. What better way to be spending the evening than with his new lover to be. What a hottie! That face, those light brown eyes, and that fiery red hair! Who cared that he wasn’t a natural ginger. It still looked hella sexy.

Although the photo only showed from the waist upwards, Antwon couldn’t help by gawk at the sight on the screen. His face was fresh – very boyish and innocent, but those eyes gave it away; something sinister and wicked about his smile that resonated from those slim lips. From where Antwon sat, he appeared lean, slender like a gazelle. One single diamond stud in each ear and his scarlet locks just kissed his shoulders.

And he can cook. Antwon hoped the culinary student could make it sizzle in and out of his bedroom.

“Yes, that would be great. Did you want to come over to my place, or go out, or…?” Matthew’s voice was so proper and perfect. Antwon couldn’t wait to hear that sweet sound in person.

“Um…” Antwon, still struck by the beauty in front of him, was at a loss for words. Why would someone so gorgeous want to hide behind a picture of a good looking black man?

Oh yeah because of my stated preferences. Dumbass!

Unbelievable, the young man went to such a length to get to know Antwon, putting up the picture of a friend just to talk with him. Just to talk with me? “Unreal.”

“Hmm?” Matthew disturbed Antwon, snapping him out of his lust filled haze.

“Oh, sorry. How about I come over there and bring some takeaway. A little late now to cook. At least you’d have something better than soup to eat. Sound good?”

“That would be great, actually. I’m exhausted from classes. The last thing I want to do tonight is see a kitchen,” he laughed. “Devon and I usually eat out or do small meals when we get home. We only cook for special occasions, like for our folks and around holidays.”

“Understood. Then I shall bring you supper, duck. How about some fish and chips? I know this great little restaurant close to my work. I live in Knightsbridge and my office isn’t far from there.”

“Wow, what a nice area. We live closer to the city so it’s not that much of a drive. Here’s my address.”

Antwon scribbled quickly while his new friend rattled it off to him. Although his fingers seemed to be moving fast, it wasn’t quick enough. He couldn’t wait to meet this gorgeous redhead in person. He wondered what his body looked like, how he smelled. Would he be able to control himself when they did meet and oh there was that minor problem? Andrea.

Shit, I haven’t told him about her. I can’t!

Antwon rotated the wedding band on his finger and bit his lip.

Talk about deception. Matthew’s lie was rather minor compared to his and he had confessed immediately. Informing him about the wife could be a deal breaker. The young man had already spoken about settling down with someone.

“Antwon? You okay?”

The euphoria he felt for meeting Matthew suddenly dissipated.

“Um, yes… I’m fine, love. I shall be there in say, an hour?” No way can I tell him about her right now!

Well he could but that might mess up any chance he might have to get serious with Matthew. Sure they’d only been talking for a couple of days but Antwon already had it in his mind that he desired more than just a fling with this young man.

He’d been searching for a real love long enough and he hoped Matthew would fit the bill.

* * * *

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10 Responses to "Hot in Fall BlogHop – CONTEST"

I love SMOOTH LIKE LATTE, so I’m looking forward to this one!

Thanks for participating in the hop.

pjmillion (at) comcast (dot) net

“So, in closing, be sensual, show your feelings. It doesn’t mean you’re any less of a man.” Yes, yes, yes. This is what I want when I read. And I hope the more that’s put out in the world, the more the world will see how important it is to let people express themselves honestly.

Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win!

Thank you for the chance!

Thanks for participating in the hop. Love the post 🙂

Sensuality is definitely what I’m looking for when picking up a novel. It adds more character to the stories and definitely makes in a lot more interesting.

Thanks for the chance to win.

I like a nice mix. If there’s no connection (usually promoted by sensual acts) between the characters, the hottest action will do nothing for me.

Thanks for participating in the hop. Love the post 🙂

Awesome! Always up for a chance to win a book.

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