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Saturday Sips – Something About Jayden

Posted on: September 21, 2013

 umid9   Good morning! Welcome to Saturday Sips!

Today I’m featuring a little more from my next book Something Like Jayden which is done for now. I’ll be editing this week and getting it ready for the betas before it goes to the publisher *shudder*

Unedited M/M Excerpt

With a Scotch on the rocks in hand and the phone in the other, Isaac pondered if he should give Jayden a call to see what was up. He’d been fighting it the whole day, knowing he should hold off until he could tell Jayden the whole story about him and Debra. Still, he didn’t believe a phone call to check on the young man wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

“Isaac?” Debra’s voice broke the silence, nearly causing him to drop his glass.

“In here, Deb.” He threw the rest of the alcohol down his throat and winced from the slow burn.

“Hey.” She set down her overnight bag and waltzed over to him, plopping on the couch spot to his right. “How was the party?”

“It was as you’d expect. Lots of people getting wasted and Silas parading hot looking guys and girls through his living room. I didn’t even stay for the midnight toast. How was your company bash?”

“Nice. I spent the night with David…”

Isaac grimaced and bit his tongue. Why the heck did Debra want that guy anyway?

“Now, hold on there, sweets. Before you say anything…” Debra drew up her lips and held out her hand.

“What? What are you going to say to make me believe what you did was a good idea?”

“Just that I’ve gotten to know him better and I’m thinking we could make this work. He just seems aloof but he’s got a lot of great ideas.”

Isaac thought the man was a complete goof but he listened to Debra’s explanation. Right now, he could honestly care less about who his beloved wife fucked around with. Not that she’d listen to a word he said anyway.

Debra stopped abruptly and slapped Isaac’s knee. “You’re not listening to me, Isaac. Where is your head right now? With the intern?”

“Yeah it is but not for that.” Isaac looked away and brought his hands together. “You’ve been gone so I haven’t gotten a chance to talk with you about him. He hasn’t been at work the last couple of days because of a death in the family. I miss seeing him and I wish I could give him a call just to check in and see how he’s doing.”

Debra gasped, covering her mouth. “Oh poor kid. His mom, or…”

“No, a family friend. He was barely able to talk with me the day he landed the Rosario account. The guy must have been someone really special.”

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with calling, Isaac. You’re just being a good boss and a friend.”

“Yeah I know but…” Isaac wanted to tell Jayden the whole truth and sooner than he’d first expected. “This is so hard, Deb. I know I want to talk with him about everything and not continue to give the false impression of our marriage. I want this man something fierce. I wish I could just tell him everything to get the ball rolling.”

“Why so soon, babe? I mean, you’ve only been around the kid about a week.”

“Yeah but we’ve got a connection, Deb. The sparks between us are flying like fireworks on the Fourth of July. The other day it took everything for me not to throw his cute ass over the table and fuck him silly.” Isaac’s cock jumped in his jeans just thinking about it. “He’s everything I like in a man, Debra. I didn’t think I’d be this ready for a relationship so fast with someone but the more I’m around him, the more I want to be with him.”

“Wow, Isaac. He must be something if you’re talking like that. I mean, weren’t you the one just saying you would be happy with just making partner and taking the company back from Silas Senior?”

Isaac shrugged his shoulders. “Yes I was but now being with Jayden is a little bit more important. Not that I’m giving up on that goal but it hasn’t been my main focus.”

“And you don’t think Jayden would see a problem with dating you on the low until you have that partnership? I mean, I don’t mean to burst your bubble but what if Silas Senior doesn’t give you the position?”

“Then I’m prepared to go on with my life as long as Jayden is in it.” Isaac answered without hesitation, folding his arms over his chest. “I’ve worked too hard at Denton not to be partner. I’d even be willing to run the company along with Silas Jr. as long as Jayden is on board.”

“Whoa… you really are infatuated huh?” Debra smiled wide and patted his back. “Hope the kid wants to be with you as bad as you want him. I have to tell you, you two would make a pretty hot couple too.”

“I know right?” Isaac returned the Cheshire grin, agreeing with his best friend. “Jayden makes me feel like I’m young again, like I was pursuing someone for the very first time. It’s been a long while since anyone had this kind of effect on me. Just something about him, Debra…. something and I can’t put a finger on it.” Despite his yearning to call Jayden, Isaac refrained and thought it best to give Jayden space until Tuesday.

Instead of strolling in at his usual eight thirty, Isaac made a point to be there earlier to catch Jayden before most of his employees came in to work. He figured the less people around the more apt Jayden might want to open up to him. Isaac was curious about who Jayden lost that caused him so much anguish the past few days.

Since Tamela hadn’t arrived either, Isaac took it upon himself to make the coffee for the day. Much to his dismay the muffins from their favorite bakery hadn’t made it in yet but Isaac figured he needed to cut back to battle the bulge. Eating more than one was starting to show around his stomach.

Need to stay fit to keep up with the intern.

Just as he poured himself a cup, the door opened wide and Jayden stepped inside the office.

“Good morning, Isaac.” Jayden closed the door behind him, walking in with a calm grin. “How was New Years?”

Isaac moistened his lips and stopped himself from spinning around too quickly to face him. “Good, my friend. Again, my condolences on the family friend. Are you okay? Do you need to talk?”

Jayden forced his hands in his pockets and glanced down at the floor. “I’m okay as I’ll ever be and yeah, we can talk. It would probably do me some good. I didn’t really have anyone to speak about it with over the weekend other than Bertha, the neighbors, and my mother. She’s not doing too well, either. Mr. Murdock was a very close friend.”

“I see.” Isaac stirred the sugar in his beverage. “Would you like some coffee, Jayden?” To look at him, Isaac turned around slowly, leaving his mug on the counter. Jayden looked beautiful as usual but he could tell from the slight circles under his eyes it had been a rough go for him these past two days. Still, he was dressed impeccably in a midnight blue suit with a lighter colored shirt and black tie. His hair was pulled back with in a neat ponytail. Isaac wished he could loosen it just to run his fingers through Jayden’s soft, black mane.

“Yes I’ll make it, though. Again, I really do appreciate you giving me the time off on such short notice.” Jayden ambled over by him and incidentally brushed his hand against Isaac’s thigh when he reached for a mug.


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