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Saturday Sips – Something About Jayden

Posted on: August 31, 2013

  Image   Greetings folks. Here is a sample of Something Like Jayden. I’m over half way done. Jayden is driving Isaac nuts! Enjoy this little bit!

Excerpt Unedited

“Looks like Tamela already made a pot and supplied some muffins for us.”

“Yeah, I’m starved today.” Jayden put his briefcase on the table and followed Isaac. “I didn’t have time for breakfast. I was up half the night with my mother. She wasn’t feeling too well.”

“I’m sorry about that Jayden. Is she feeling better?” Isaac stirred his coffee and grabbed a muffin from the carton.

Jayden grabbed one of the mugs and filled his cup. “Yes, a little but I might have to take her in earlier than Friday. She’s been having shortness of breath and not able to sleep.”

Isaac leaned against the paneling. “If you need to let me know and I’ll inform Silas. I really did want Rosario to wait until after the holiday but they insisted on meeting with us now because they’re advertising contract expires with a smaller firm in the first week of January.” Isaac sipped his beverage, savoring the taste. “Mhmmm, I got something for you though.” Fanning his mouth, he walked back to his desk and picked up the box. “I hope you like it. Merry Christmas.”

Jayden glanced at the box, barely making a move to take it. “Isaac, you…”

“You need this, Jayden. My intern needs something he can take notes with, show his presentations on the go… and to call his dear mother if he needs to.”

Isaac…I…” Jayden stuttered and gripped the box. His brown gaze met Isaac’s and instantly, Isaac sensed the attraction between them. No, the kid might not admit it but Isaac could tell there was something there yet to be explored.

“Open it, Jayden and please, don’t say you won’t take it.” Isaac folded his arms over his chest, not breaking his gaze. Damn this young intern for swooping in and making him feel all gooey inside like a freaking schoolgirl. Too bad he couldn’t really let it show. Just who was the mature one in charge here?

Jayden swallowed hard, carefully pulling the red ribbon. He tossed it aside and slowly lifted the lid. Jayden gasped, his eyes bulged. “No, Isaac, I… this is…”

Exactly what you need, Jayden. Like I said, you can’t do any presentations or even make phone calls on that cheap thing you’re carrying.”

Jayden picked up the phone, turning it in his hands and shaking his head simultaneously. “Isaac, even if I wanted it, I can’t afford the bill.”

“I’ll pay it, Jayden. Look, me and the Mrs. want you to have it. I told her I noticed you trying to make calls on that ancient piece of crap.” Isaac threw that in, hoping that would convince Jayden to accept the gift. Debra said to go for the IPhone but Isaac liked the Samsung better because it was bigger and Jayden would be able to do more with it.

Regardless, anything was better than what Jayden had and besides, with Isaac paying the bill, he’d have a way of keeping up with his intern whether he was working at Denton that day or not. 

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