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Wind Down Wednesday

Posted on: August 14, 2013

Morning readers.

I’ve just started Something Like Jayden and I’ve already fallen in love with him.

From the first chapter I can tell how focused he is on his job, how much he loves his Madre and

how unselfish he is to put others before himself

Lydia raised him well.

And this is after this young man has been through so much heartache.

No family except Lydia and his “Pops” Alan Murdock to care for him, he’s never had that solid foundation until later in life

No wonder he is so skeptical when it comes to love.

This song I believe captures his attitude.

Until Lydia gave him a comfortable place to live, he never felt like he had a home.

Here’s a little snippet from the story!

Unedited Excerpt

Looking at his phone, Jayden cursed silently when he saw the time. He’d rented a car for the event but had to walk two blocks to park it because of the recent car break-ins in the neighborhood. Living in Humboldt Park , a mostly Hispanic area, meant keeping a low profile and not walking flamboyantly down the street to draw undue attention. This Jayden knew from the time he moved in with his madre and he took it to heart every time he walked out that door to go anywhere.

Six forty eight p.m. A quiet night for once in this bustling neighborhood that saw it’s rash of gang activity and shootings rise in the last couple of years. The weather had something to do with it. Temperatures this close to Christmas plummeted to the low twenties and even though a major snow storm hadn’t happened yet, it meant mostly everyone would stay in their hands to keep warm. When it got colder, the hoods for the most part did their dirty inside. Only in summer time they liked to harass people while they hung out on corners. Jayden wanted to get out of this ghetto as soon as he saw the first opportunity to do so. Humboldt Park wasn’t a place he desired to spend any more time in if he didn’t have to. That’s why this holiday party for Denton was so important to him. He knew his 3.78 grade point average and his knowledge would woo them but promptness would put him forefront in their mind as a potential candidate for a permanent position.

Knowing his trip to Highland Park wouldn’t be short, Jayden sprinted up the steps of his good friend Alan Murdock who agreed to keep the rental in his garage. He was only using it for the evening anyway to make it to this soiree and would be returning it first thing in the morning before class.

Shifting from foot to foot to keep warm, he quickly tapped the doorbell and waited for Alan to come to the door. Although freezing, Jayden didn’t want to wear a jacket and wrinkle the tuxedo Lydia rented for him.

Alan peeked his head out from the crack. “Yeah? Oh, Jayden. It’s cold out there, boy! Why aren’t you wearing a coat?” Alan Murdock opened the door wider and pulled him in, shutting it tightly behind him. He turned the keys on five different locks and slid the chain back in place. Alan was a widower who Jayden considered to be his closest father figure in life. He was the reason Jayden met Lydia.

“Can’t. I have a party to go to, remember?” Jayden hopped up and down to get the feeling back in his joints. Perhaps he should’ve taken Lydia’s advice and added the overcoat to the rental. “Hey Alan, I’d love to stay and chat but I gotta get going. I know ninety-for is probably still cluttered with traffic from rush hour. I need to be there by eight-thirty.”

Alan shrugged and waved his hand. “Oh boy, you’ll have plenty of time. You’re almost as bad as my wife talking about being extra early for church on Sunday! Damnit, where did I put the keys to that…”

“I got them, Alan. Remember, I took them so you wouldn’t have to search? Besides, I need to park it back in there when I come back later on tonight.”

“Oh, oh yeah,” Alan laughed and plodded ahead of Jayden to the kitchen door. “Good thing you did, boy. I would’ve had a time trying to find ‘em.”

Jayden rolled his eyes and shook his head. He loved Mr. Murdock but damn him if he made him miss a minute of check in because he wanted to yap. Jayden loved keeping him company and watching the big games on TV with him, chatting about the good old days when Humboldt Park was a family neighborhood and everyone respected one another. Now was not the time though, not when he had the opportunity of a lifetime staring him in the face.

In haste, he lifted his prepaid phone from his pocket again. “Almost seven o’clock,” he muttered low enough so Mr. Murdock wouldn’t hear. “Shiii…”

Mr. Murdock was mumbling something about the Bears and how the coach didn’t have the fire to lead this team to the playoffs. Jayden was only half listening and if he weren’t on a schedule he’d add to the conversation.

“Damn that Smith! He can’t coach his way out a paper bag!” He cleared one step at a time from the back door en route to his garage.

Jayden wanted to pass him up but he knew it would be disrespectful of him to cut him off. “Yeah, I know what you mean. Time for that quarterback to get his a… I mean butt in gear too. He’s not above reproach for this seven and nine season.” Jayden fiddled in his pockets and waited for Murdock to amble down the five steps. Perhaps he should’ve taken the garage door opener and the car as Murdock had suggested but Jayden didn’t want to give the old man a heart attack when he’d come through the back.

“Yeah well.” Murdock shook his head in agreement and turned to meet Jayden’s gaze. He moved his cane from one hand to the other. “Maybe they’ll get the message when they miss the playoffs.”

Jayden agreed and pressed the key fob, unlocking the door to the shiny Honda Accord. He’d opted for the Escort but his madre wanted him to drive a newer car in style to this big siesta as she called it. He settled in and buckled his seatbelt, loving the new car smell waffling through his nostrils. The leather seat cradled him just like a new lover and he enjoyed the feel of them even through his clothing.

One day I’ll own one of these.

It was Jayden’s dream to buy a new car once he bought a house for him and Lydia in the north suburbs. For now though, he’d settle in an apartment close to the firm if he got the job.

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