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Saturday Sips – Save Me

Posted on: August 3, 2013

Good morning. How about more from Save Me? 

BryanMarczewski  Here is the Blurb: The sequel to Guardian Angel by Michael Mandrake features Calvin Williams, a young closeted suburban man looking for acceptance from his parents. His feelings for his lifeline counselor Daniel have grown beyond the comfort zone and he’d like to explore the possibilities of a relationship with him. Lacking self-confidence and still afraid to come out, he desires some fulfillment beyond his sister and guardian angel, Chris.

Daniel Bradshaw has been out and proud for five years and desires to know Calvin Williams but hasn’t been on a real date for years. His work and taking care of his terminally ill mother have taken all his time but he still wishes to make some for the man he’s never met. The two are alike in some ways but the distance and Calvin’s fear keep them apart. Will they eventually find a way to be together?

“I dunno what to say to him. I mean, I know I’m probably out of his league.” Calvin fiddled with the loose threads on top of his quilt. “I know he has a man. I just know it.”

“You won’t know until you go see him at the center.” Bright shining light surrounded Calvin’s other best friend, Christian, or Chris, as he liked to be called when he was alive. Mid-length black curls just kissed the shoulders of his off-white gown. Wild brown eyes and a perfectly chiseled, clean face rounded out Chris’ angelic features.

Chris was Calvin’s gay cousin who had taken his own life almost three years ago. They’d formed a bond over these past two months when Calvin was having nightmares.  Christian came to his aid, making him call the helpline to get assistance. Unfortunately, they didn’t become close until it was too late.

Calvin made sure he only spoke to Chris before bedtime or when insomnia set in, so no one would catch him talking to the air. Surely all his family would deem him crazy if they caught him in the act.

Calvin pulled the last stray thread out of the quilt and flicked it on the floor. His head hit the pillow, and he clutched the sides tightly. “I know… I… I’m just afraid of getting rejected, Chris. Can you do some angelic stuff to make him like me?”

“Angelic stuff?” Chris chuckled and held his midsection. Speckles of gold dust flew through the air with his every move. “I’m not a warlock, Calvin. I’m an angel.”

“Well, do something. You got some sort of magical powers, I know.” Calvin snorted and sat up straight, eyeing the form in front of him. “Damn, Chris, I wish you were really here so Brenda could see you. I’d tell her about your regular visits, but I’m sure she’d have me committed.”

Chris grinned. “Yeah, well, best if you didn’t cuz. Hey, Lowell’s calling me. I gotta get going. Promise me you’ll talk to this dude, okay? He sounds like a real hottie.”

Calvin sighed inwardly, watching his cousin fade backwards and wave until his form disappeared right in front of his eyes. Every time that happened he needed to pinch himself.  His left brain told him it wasn’t possible to speak with angels. “Yeah, yeah, Chris. Will do.”

Suddenly worn out, Calvin stretched his arms and punched the pillow again, laying his head down. Hopefully sleep wouldn’t be too far behind, since he had a very important exam in the morning.

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