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  Image   Greetings folks. Here is a sample of Something Like Jayden. I’m over half way done. Jayden is driving Isaac nuts! Enjoy this little bit!

Excerpt Unedited

“Looks like Tamela already made a pot and supplied some muffins for us.”

“Yeah, I’m starved today.” Jayden put his briefcase on the table and followed Isaac. “I didn’t have time for breakfast. I was up half the night with my mother. She wasn’t feeling too well.”

“I’m sorry about that Jayden. Is she feeling better?” Isaac stirred his coffee and grabbed a muffin from the carton.

Jayden grabbed one of the mugs and filled his cup. “Yes, a little but I might have to take her in earlier than Friday. She’s been having shortness of breath and not able to sleep.”

Isaac leaned against the paneling. “If you need to let me know and I’ll inform Silas. I really did want Rosario to wait until after the holiday but they insisted on meeting with us now because they’re advertising contract expires with a smaller firm in the first week of January.” Isaac sipped his beverage, savoring the taste. “Mhmmm, I got something for you though.” Fanning his mouth, he walked back to his desk and picked up the box. “I hope you like it. Merry Christmas.”

Jayden glanced at the box, barely making a move to take it. “Isaac, you…”

“You need this, Jayden. My intern needs something he can take notes with, show his presentations on the go… and to call his dear mother if he needs to.”

Isaac…I…” Jayden stuttered and gripped the box. His brown gaze met Isaac’s and instantly, Isaac sensed the attraction between them. No, the kid might not admit it but Isaac could tell there was something there yet to be explored.

“Open it, Jayden and please, don’t say you won’t take it.” Isaac folded his arms over his chest, not breaking his gaze. Damn this young intern for swooping in and making him feel all gooey inside like a freaking schoolgirl. Too bad he couldn’t really let it show. Just who was the mature one in charge here?

Jayden swallowed hard, carefully pulling the red ribbon. He tossed it aside and slowly lifted the lid. Jayden gasped, his eyes bulged. “No, Isaac, I… this is…”

Exactly what you need, Jayden. Like I said, you can’t do any presentations or even make phone calls on that cheap thing you’re carrying.”

Jayden picked up the phone, turning it in his hands and shaking his head simultaneously. “Isaac, even if I wanted it, I can’t afford the bill.”

“I’ll pay it, Jayden. Look, me and the Mrs. want you to have it. I told her I noticed you trying to make calls on that ancient piece of crap.” Isaac threw that in, hoping that would convince Jayden to accept the gift. Debra said to go for the IPhone but Isaac liked the Samsung better because it was bigger and Jayden would be able to do more with it.

Regardless, anything was better than what Jayden had and besides, with Isaac paying the bill, he’d have a way of keeping up with his intern whether he was working at Denton that day or not. 

Back To School Good morning! 

Welcome to the back to school blog hop. I’m excited to be part of it and as a thanks to readers, the participants have pulled together to give away a 100 GC from Amazon.

So this is a happy time right? The kids are going back to school which means the end of summer and the beginning of leaning new things and facing new challenges. Many parents like me are sending their little one to school for the first time. My 5 year old is attending Kindergarten so of course I have plenty of anxieties. Will she enjoy it? Will she make friends? Will she be afraid to speak up? And how about the teachers, the school itself, and the other students. Ugh! So many worries, makes you want to pull your hair out!

And for my older one, he’s attending a new school as a sophomore. My worries are the same but at least with him, he knows kids that go to the school. It’s closer than the one he originally went to so traveling won’t be so much of a pain but the worries about my teen continue. If only I could write those worries away and relax but since that won’t happen, I’ll try my best to stay positive and enjoy watching both my kids get their education.

What about you? Do you have any anxieties as a parent about the kids attending and how are you handling it? Plenty of wine and chocolate or are you worry free? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts as fellow parents!


Matthew Davidson wants a MAN! The setting shifts away from the America’s to Britain where Matthew and his childhood friend, Devon Peartly attend a cooking school to obtain their cooking certificates. The young man wants a partner so badly, he decides he’ll try an online dating service in hopes of finding a black man that can take care of and satisfy him romantically.

He finds that man, Antwon Bantu on an online dating site and is instantly intrigued. Little does Matthew know that Antwon is involved in a “convenient” marriage and is seeking a younger partner so he can finally get on with his life. Instead of confessing the truth, he decides to hide it, fearing he’ll lose the chance with Matthew if he informs him. To complicate things, Antwon’s wife claims to be in love with him. Antwon must choose what’s more important; loving Matthew or saving his impeccable reputation as a top barrister in the London courts? 

Which will he choose?  Smashwords Amazon  ARe NNP

Excerpt PG

The morning sun came too damn soon for culinary student, Matthew Davidson. He’d been spending most of his evenings studying for exams, stressing himself out, and wondering what the future held for him. He couldn’t decide on the career path he wanted to take. Just something in the food and culinary business.

With a heavy book bag on his back and two more books in his hand, he drudged through the halls of Westminster Kingsway, fighting off the impending yawns coming over him. In reality, he wished he’d stayed in bed. Midterms were coming up fast, too quickly in fact, and he hadn’t been getting a lot of good rest. Not only that, he hadn’t been enjoying himself either, considering he was alone.

Boring and lonely!

Life had been rather uneventful as of late. No one at the school remotely interested him. Matthew didn’t want just anyone. He sought someone a little different than anything the place had to offer. Unless he wanted to date a teacher, which he felt wasn’t a great idea.

A definite conflict of interest I’d rather not have!

Already tired, he threw his knapsack on the floor and leaned against the wall. Taking a look at his phone screen, he blew raspberries as he discovered class was less than a half hour from beginning. “Damn, I should’ve faked a fever.” Even though that seemed like a great excuse, he knew once his grades started to drop, his mum and dad would ask him to come back to live at home. Not something he wanted to do. He loved the freedom away from the parental units.

Besides, he loved being roommates with his good friend. The young man who’d stuck by him through thick and thin and always showed him more support than not. Devon Peartley.

They’d been best pals for years; attending middle school together when Devon moved from Liverpool only a few years ago. The two were basically inseparable and they’d grown closer when they discovered they both were gay.

The young men convinced their folks they’d take care of one another while in college. All of them weren’t very happy that both their sons were benders but loved them nonetheless and thus, financed living arrangements for them once they graduated and went to Westminster, on the condition they’d keep up their grades.

In actuality, the fathers couldn’t bear to think of their sons coming home with other males as their dates. No question their dads didn’t take the news as well as the mums.

Matthew rolled his neck and gripped it tightly attempting to work out the kinks.

“Where are you, slut?” While straightening his crisp collar on his purple Polo Sport shirt, he searched for Devon to meet him across from their first class. Unlike Matthew, Devon was seeing someone regularly. He’d had a rendezvous with his man last night and Devon had informed Matthew he’d go straight to school from the man’s house and meet him there. Devon was dating an instructor.

Matthew grinned when he noticed him coming down the hall, dressed to the nines in a long sleeved white oxford and starched blue jeans. He raised an eyebrow, nodding his head in Devon’s direction.

“Got out of bed in time to iron, I see,” Matthew chided and gave him a wry smile.

“Yeah, hiya…” Devon waved halfheartedly and grinned, brushing a lose hair from Matthew’s shoulder.

“How was the date?”

“Fantastic! The man is an excellent cook – in and out of bed. Did my parents call?”

Matthew grabbed a chocolate bar from the side of his bag. “For once,” he took a big bite of his favorite breakfast, “they didn’t, but I had an excuse all prepared just in case.”

“Oh yeah, what was that?” Peartley slid to the floor, pulling on Matthew’s pants leg to come down with him.

Matthew rolled his eyes; Devon knew how much he hated to sit on the floor. Instead, he propped himself against the wall and squatted while he finished his makeshift meal. “I would’ve told them you were being tutored,” he laughed, “which, for the most part, would’ve been true.”

“Yeah, I definitely was. He showed me a lot of new tricks. I loved every minute of it.” Apparently thinking of his date, he stared straight ahead while licking his lips.

“Uh huh, well at least one of us is enjoying life.”

“Hey, I told you to lower your bar a little bit. You might not be able to find a man that wants to take care of you and be a good lover.”

“Yes I will. Obviously, I’m searching in the wrong places.” Matthew pouted and lightly slapped Devon’s arm. “He’s out there somewhere, Devon. He’s gotta be.”

“You’re dreamin’, babe. Lower your standards a little or look forward to a life of loneliness.” He looked at his phone. “Shit, time for Professor Vincent’s class.” He jumped up and dusted himself off.

Matthew sighed, “Lemme ask you. Has class ever been hard to concentrate on knowing that you’re banging the teacher?”

“Yep, but he’s a professional and you know me; I gotta great poker face.”

Matthew grinned at his response and shook his head. They took the slow stroll towards the classroom.

“And no one has ever noticed you getting out his car or making any gestures.”

“Nope, not at all.” Devon opened the door for his good friend.

Matthew went in as he nodded. He really didn’t think Devon was that cool about the relationship with their English instructor. “I seriously don’t believe that, Devon. I mean,” he sat at the desk in front of his roommate and turned to face him, “it’s the reason I’ve never done it. I’d be nervous about someone picking that up. Plus, I like to make kisses and wild gestures to my man.”

“Well that’s you, hun. I’m handling it.” Devon stopped talking a moment to blow a kiss at his boyfriend who acknowledged it with a wink.

Matthew chuckled and drew up his slim lips. “Oh yeah, you’re handlin’ it alright.”

Devon playfully shoved his shoulder and clicked his teeth.

Matthew giggled to himself. He knew Devon was downplaying the affection he’d been showing the professor.

When their teacher came around handing out papers, he quickly collected himself, cleared his throat, and glanced at the document on his desk.

Fuck. Did I study enough for this?

At the sound of the teacher’s voice, he picked up his pencil and began answering the questions. Immediately, he smiled when he noticed a couple of the words on the test were misspelled.

Oh yeah, he’s a pro alright.

Within an hour, class dismissed and both men left with the confidence they’d passed the test.

On the way out, Matthew made a not so subtle gesture towards the instructor, making the chocolate skinned man flushed.

“Goddamit Matthew, I wish you’d get your own man and stop looking at mine,” Devon quipped and punched his arm.

Rolling his eyes, Matthew shrugged, “Sorry, it’s hard not to gawk at him. He’s really good looking. It’s too bad he saw you before he saw me.”

Devon put his hand on Matthew’s chest and shoved him lightly. “What the hell’s that supposed to mean? It doesn’t matter anyway. He’s not into white guys anyhow.”

“His loss,” Matthew replied to that surly statement. The two of them often made comments like that involving race just to invoke laughter. It didn’t bother them especially since they’d endured plenty of racial insults from the jealous bastards in middle school.

Devon chuckled and muttered, “Bitch.”

Matthew smiled like a Cheshire cat. “You love me though.”

“Yep,” he winked and grabbed his cell phone from his side, most likely checking for messages from his lover.

“Listen, don’t get your knickers in a bunch; I’m not interested in him. I was only testing your theory, especially since…”

“You noticed the misspellings…” Devon glanced upwards and sighed.

“Yep and… I just wanted to piss you off,” Matthew giggled and shoved him in retort.

Truthfully, he didn’t want the professor but thought it funny to try flirting with him. Matthew wanted to make sure he still had the magnetism. Obviously, because Vincent ogled him a little longer than usual, he did.

Still, he’d never go after his best friend’s man. They’d made it a point not to date the same guys because of past experiences. Besides, they always felt their friendship was more important than a piece of ass.

“Devon, I want a man. I’m tired of being alone,” he huffed and propped himself against the wall.

His friend glared at him. “So get one, and keep away from Doc Vincent.”

“I don’t want your professor, Devon. You know I’m into older black men anyhow.”

“Yeah, and my Doc’s an older bloke.”

“Uh huh, but not old enough for me.”

Devon’s eyes widened, “What? You mean you’re looking for an elder? A senior citizen?”

“Fuck you, tosser, hell no; I’m searching for,” the redhead paused and smiled when he thought of his ideal man, “someone that’s established: in his late forties, early fifties, with intelligence, strength…”

“A libido?”

“Yes, most definitely. Someone that’ll take care of me, stimulate my mind and groin, you know?”

Devon sighed, “Uh huh. A Sugar Daddy.”

“Yes, but a brown Sugar Daddy… really dark chocolate, sweet to the core, but rugged – a little rough.” Matthew curled his locks around his fingers.

“I told you that’s a tall order. Just where do you think you’ll find one of those? What was I telling you before class?”

“Not sure… the personals?” Matthew raised an eyebrow.

His friend burst into laughter and held his sides. “What? Are you kidding me? Those are only for losers, not anyone like you. C’mon you can do better that, mate.” He hit his arm.

Matthew winced while he rubbed his bicep. “Ow… okay, then how about one of those dating sites?”

“Again… boo…” Chiding, he put a thumb down.

“Well what, fucker? I mean, damn. I’m just tired of going home and whacking off every night you know? I need someone in my life. Man must not live on choking the chicken alone,” he grinned.

“True. Well chap, I’m just not sure. I know we can do better than personal ads or any online dating sites. Besides all the men on those things are married on the down low and you don’t want that.”

“How do you know that’s not what I want?”

“C’mon Matt, you don’t want to share the man you like with some bitch. Please! You’re fine enough to get your own.”

“The black men that want to date me aren’t the ones I desire. I want him to take care of me in every way possible. My only hope might be to get with a man who’s on the low, with a wife and grown kids. I just might make him switch teams.”

“No… no, no…” Devon snapped as they walked to the next class. “That situation is just asking for trouble. You don’t need that. I mean, your parents already can’t stand the fact you’re gay. Now, just how would you be able to explain to them that you’re seeing someone that’s married?”

Matthew nodded. He pondered over what his best friend said. Truthfully, he didn’t give a flying rat’s ass what his folks thought. He wanted a brown Sugar Daddy and that was his only concern.

* * * *

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Greetings readers.

Another edition of the Wind Down

I love this song by DM. They truly have a lot of inspiring tunes that speak to our muses

This one is called Higher Love

When I read the lyrics, I believe it’s talking about faith

Not love for one person but instead the higher power.

Jayden has faith in God and is obviously religious by one of his first moves in the story.

He prays to God to keep his Madre safe from harm.

Jayden is one of the deepest characters I’ve written. Very well versed, polite, intelligent.

He’s been through so much heartache, he’s focused his energies on making life better for him and Lydia.

It has nothing to do with finding a lover though and that’s what Isaac will show him.

I’ll share more on Saturday Sips this weekend!




Good morning people

Here’s my Monday offering

Blair Underwood who is Silas in my WIP, Something About Jayden

This picture perfectly shows the character!





Greetings folks

Read a lot of shorts last week. Trying to do the challenge on Goodreads!

Here is Shar’s acct on GR


This one up top was the highlight!

Read Corey Patrick’s review here

Morning readers.

I’ve just started Something Like Jayden and I’ve already fallen in love with him.

From the first chapter I can tell how focused he is on his job, how much he loves his Madre and

how unselfish he is to put others before himself

Lydia raised him well.

And this is after this young man has been through so much heartache.

No family except Lydia and his “Pops” Alan Murdock to care for him, he’s never had that solid foundation until later in life

No wonder he is so skeptical when it comes to love.

This song I believe captures his attitude.

Until Lydia gave him a comfortable place to live, he never felt like he had a home.

Here’s a little snippet from the story!

Unedited Excerpt

Looking at his phone, Jayden cursed silently when he saw the time. He’d rented a car for the event but had to walk two blocks to park it because of the recent car break-ins in the neighborhood. Living in Humboldt Park , a mostly Hispanic area, meant keeping a low profile and not walking flamboyantly down the street to draw undue attention. This Jayden knew from the time he moved in with his madre and he took it to heart every time he walked out that door to go anywhere.

Six forty eight p.m. A quiet night for once in this bustling neighborhood that saw it’s rash of gang activity and shootings rise in the last couple of years. The weather had something to do with it. Temperatures this close to Christmas plummeted to the low twenties and even though a major snow storm hadn’t happened yet, it meant mostly everyone would stay in their hands to keep warm. When it got colder, the hoods for the most part did their dirty inside. Only in summer time they liked to harass people while they hung out on corners. Jayden wanted to get out of this ghetto as soon as he saw the first opportunity to do so. Humboldt Park wasn’t a place he desired to spend any more time in if he didn’t have to. That’s why this holiday party for Denton was so important to him. He knew his 3.78 grade point average and his knowledge would woo them but promptness would put him forefront in their mind as a potential candidate for a permanent position.

Knowing his trip to Highland Park wouldn’t be short, Jayden sprinted up the steps of his good friend Alan Murdock who agreed to keep the rental in his garage. He was only using it for the evening anyway to make it to this soiree and would be returning it first thing in the morning before class.

Shifting from foot to foot to keep warm, he quickly tapped the doorbell and waited for Alan to come to the door. Although freezing, Jayden didn’t want to wear a jacket and wrinkle the tuxedo Lydia rented for him.

Alan peeked his head out from the crack. “Yeah? Oh, Jayden. It’s cold out there, boy! Why aren’t you wearing a coat?” Alan Murdock opened the door wider and pulled him in, shutting it tightly behind him. He turned the keys on five different locks and slid the chain back in place. Alan was a widower who Jayden considered to be his closest father figure in life. He was the reason Jayden met Lydia.

“Can’t. I have a party to go to, remember?” Jayden hopped up and down to get the feeling back in his joints. Perhaps he should’ve taken Lydia’s advice and added the overcoat to the rental. “Hey Alan, I’d love to stay and chat but I gotta get going. I know ninety-for is probably still cluttered with traffic from rush hour. I need to be there by eight-thirty.”

Alan shrugged and waved his hand. “Oh boy, you’ll have plenty of time. You’re almost as bad as my wife talking about being extra early for church on Sunday! Damnit, where did I put the keys to that…”

“I got them, Alan. Remember, I took them so you wouldn’t have to search? Besides, I need to park it back in there when I come back later on tonight.”

“Oh, oh yeah,” Alan laughed and plodded ahead of Jayden to the kitchen door. “Good thing you did, boy. I would’ve had a time trying to find ‘em.”

Jayden rolled his eyes and shook his head. He loved Mr. Murdock but damn him if he made him miss a minute of check in because he wanted to yap. Jayden loved keeping him company and watching the big games on TV with him, chatting about the good old days when Humboldt Park was a family neighborhood and everyone respected one another. Now was not the time though, not when he had the opportunity of a lifetime staring him in the face.

In haste, he lifted his prepaid phone from his pocket again. “Almost seven o’clock,” he muttered low enough so Mr. Murdock wouldn’t hear. “Shiii…”

Mr. Murdock was mumbling something about the Bears and how the coach didn’t have the fire to lead this team to the playoffs. Jayden was only half listening and if he weren’t on a schedule he’d add to the conversation.

“Damn that Smith! He can’t coach his way out a paper bag!” He cleared one step at a time from the back door en route to his garage.

Jayden wanted to pass him up but he knew it would be disrespectful of him to cut him off. “Yeah, I know what you mean. Time for that quarterback to get his a… I mean butt in gear too. He’s not above reproach for this seven and nine season.” Jayden fiddled in his pockets and waited for Murdock to amble down the five steps. Perhaps he should’ve taken the garage door opener and the car as Murdock had suggested but Jayden didn’t want to give the old man a heart attack when he’d come through the back.

“Yeah well.” Murdock shook his head in agreement and turned to meet Jayden’s gaze. He moved his cane from one hand to the other. “Maybe they’ll get the message when they miss the playoffs.”

Jayden agreed and pressed the key fob, unlocking the door to the shiny Honda Accord. He’d opted for the Escort but his madre wanted him to drive a newer car in style to this big siesta as she called it. He settled in and buckled his seatbelt, loving the new car smell waffling through his nostrils. The leather seat cradled him just like a new lover and he enjoyed the feel of them even through his clothing.

One day I’ll own one of these.

It was Jayden’s dream to buy a new car once he bought a house for him and Lydia in the north suburbs. For now though, he’d settle in an apartment close to the firm if he got the job.

Young model



There goes my hot little muse

Umid who plays Jayden in my WIP!

Hot, right?

Is it a wonder why he’d be a muses?

*tucks tongue back inside mouth*

Here’s a little sample of the story from the beginning

Unedited excerpt

Sharita Lira aka Rawiya Copyright 2013

“Hold still, Jayden… ahhh…” Lydia DeMario clicked her teeth and finished tying the neck tie for Jayden. “Better, mi corazon. You look like million bucks, eh?”

Jayden smiled wryly, turning sideways in the glass. He had to admit, the monkey suit looked great on him and since he wanted to make an impression on Mr. Denton, Jaden knew he had to dress appropriately. “I wish I had a million then we could be out of this ratty neighborhood.” Jayden lightly shoved Lydia’s hand away from his shoulders. “I think the suit looks good enough. I don’t wanna be late.”

Lydia rolled her eyes and continued brushing his jacket. “You won’t be, besides, isn’t it better to be, how do you say, fashionably late instead of super early? Ah, Jayden, I love your hair back in a ponytail like this. Makes you look like one of those models or something.”

Jayden bent out the way of her clutches. He loved Lydia but hated when anyone not sleeping with him toyed with his hair. “Not in this case, Lydia. I want to make sure the company knows I’m serious about this position. When and if I make it on staff and some years under my belt I can be…fashionably late.” Jayden put his hands in quotes. No way would he mess up this opportunity to work at the number one firm in Chicago and one of the Fortune 500’s best advertising firms in the country. Jayden had done his homework on this place and was excited to be picked along with only three others at his college to attend for a chance to interview for permanent job at Denton and Associates. Jayden knew his first impression was critical to landing a job with them. Being late would do nothing but put doubt into their minds.

“Ah Jayden, you are so serious…all the time, you are in your room, studying, hardly ever taking break. You don’t want to get married to some handsome man and have kids for Lydia, hmm?” Lydia stepped back and smiled at him, with her hands clasped together.

“Not now, Momma Lydia.” Jayden called her that because she was the closest thing to a parent since he turned fifteen. “I need to stay focused on the job at hand, not anything else. I wanna get us out of this barrio and into a better neighborhood. Then I’ll try finding someone.”

Lydia shook her head and sighed. “And when will that be, Jayden? I won’t live long enough to see this, you know? I am up in age…”

“And in good health too, Momma Lydia.” Jayden planted a gentle kiss on her forehead, stopping her question. He hated hearing Lydia talk about dying so much especially knowing he’d probably lose all will to live if she left him. Lydia was all he‘d had for the last nine years. How the hell would he make it without her? He pulled her in for a hug and held her close to his body. “Mi madre, you will see me find my soul mate before you leave this earth, okay? I promise you that.” Jayden pressed his lips to her scalp and grabbed his keys off the dresser. “I’ll be home by midnight and don’t forget to lock the door behind me.”

“Okay then, Jayden.” She waddled to the door behind him, muttering in Spanish as she walked. “You won’t find Mr. Right unless you try harder, son. He won’t come to your doorstep with a ring on a pillow!”

Jayden blew a kiss at her and left out, locking the door from the outside. Just as he suspected, Lydia forgot to do as he’d said. She’d been forgetting a lot as of late such as taking her meds, when to eat, even his name at times and this concerned Jayden. Really, he wanted to take her to the doctor but she refused, saying she was in good health and only forgetting things because of her age.

Thinking about Lydia, he sighed and leaned against the door, saying a small prayer in Spanish for his beloved madre. He pulled his rosary out from under his collar and kissed it, hoping his prayers wouldn’t go unheard.

Please God, don’t call her back home now. She’s all I’ve got in this world!

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