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Wind Down Wednesday

Posted on: July 31, 2013

Today’s Wind Down i’m turning over to sister muse BLMorticia

Hmmm… this doesn’t seem like a song she’d use for inspiration 

Let’s see what she says

Thx Sis

Yeah she’s right, this song wouldn’t be a typical tune I’d use but I thought of a scene from my upcoming WIP, tentatively titled On The Run

I use Matt Bomer and Idris Elba as the faces for my m/m interracial romance with laughs, attempted murder, and deceit.


Matt’s character, Aiden Moriarty is a hoot. A Floridian with information to bring down one of MLB’s biggest stars

but will be get the chance to tell it if he’s hunted down?


His hunter is Idris, who he affectionately calls Brit.  Sparks fly between the two and they make quite a pair.

This song is the backdrop of a scene I’d thought of with the characters in a club down in south beach.

Aiden’s dancing on Brit and… well… you mught get a little picture.

Can’t tell you everything now can I?

I’ll be working on this story after Rawiya finished her Jayden fic!

Look for it hopefully this year or early next year.

I’ll be subbing it to a publisher.

This sounds great BL. I can’t wait to read it.


Follow BL on her page to keep up with her latest musings

3 Responses to "Wind Down Wednesday"

I don’t know what it is, but I can never seem to focus on Colton Ford when he’s singing because OMG he’s just soooo darn HAWT, I can’t take my eyes away from his Absolutely Perfect Body!!!! Is it just me???? 🙂
I really like your plot for your upcoming WIP & also droolious visual inspiration 😉 Matt Bomer is so Sexy & Idris Elba is what Fantasies are made of, Mmmm he sure gets my temperature rising 😉 I even have a Pinterest Board devoted just to him. WooHoo LOL
S. Lira, I’m always LQQKING forward to any new releases from your 3 Muses 🙂
Take Care & Stay Naughty,

Thx so much hunny! (((hugs)) I’m looking forward to it too


[…] actually, Shar forced On the Run out of BL’s hands. (You can read a little about it here.) Why? Because of the lead character, Devlin “Brit” Crawford who is more of a me […]

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