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The Author Sandbox: Play Nice

Posted on: June 4, 2013

sandbox Greetings authors and readers. Welcome to Rawiya’s today. What’s my topic? The author sandbox, of course. And why do I use a sandbox? Well let’s see, there’s lots of authors out there, plenty of them just like the picture on the left. Many of them write different things, have varied points of view, and well many different methods they use to do things.

You may ask, what prompted me to write this blog? About 3 weeks ago, I got a PM through Facebook where an author who I barely talked to through FB or online period, messaged me about buying her book with the link. Now mind you, I hadn’t talked to this person at all, no contact but yet she pm’s me to buy her book? How infuriating. Why? Well because messaging me to buy your book is much like spamming or like a salesman coming to your door unannounced. I shudder to think that this person has done this to others, especially non-authors. How annoying! *shakes head*


That’s only one example of what not to do to your fellow authors as well as your readers. Here’s a small list of things that authors commented about in that particular post:

  1.  Be professional: At all times we must maintain a level of professionalism. Now we all like to let our hair down and get crazy on FB because it’s so easy to say things online behind a keyboard instead of in person. Keep your posts on FB, your emails, and tweets positive. Don’t bitch about other authors, your publishers, editors, cover artists, reviewers and most importantly readers in public. No one likes to be called out on the “stage” so please if you must rant, do it with your BFF’s and not online
  2.  Treat each other with respect: This goes back to professionalism. We must be respectful of our peers. For example, one of my author friends blogged about receiving an email from another writer about the genre she writes and how she couldn’t associate with her anymore because of what she wrote. Really? o.O I mean, what should it matter what that other author thought and why should my friend care what the other thinks of the genre she wrote. If you don’t like something another author writes, why tell them? I mean, what is the old adage? If you can’t say anything good, don’t say anything at all.
  3.  Don’t OVERPROMOTE: I’m sure this is a tricky one. What exactly is over-promoting? How much is TOO MUCH? I would guess the answer would be to the point of annoyance. I try not to do it. Perhaps once a week in the FB groups, about the books. I share blogs, tweet them, and send out newsletters now quarterly about my work. Those who do it more often is fine with them but some in that post claimed there were authors that did way too much. I’d just say, temper it to where you feel comfortable.
  4. Don’t use someone else’s wall as your personal billboard: An author mentioned this to me. Someone posted an excerpt of their book on the author’s FB wall. *shakes head* Now that takes some guile. I leave my wall open because I do like when people leave me a pic of a nice looking man, or a message but when authors put links on walls to their work on my wall. Hmm, that is just well, disrespectful!
  5. Share the joy of success with authors: When you get positive news, don’t feel bad about sharing it. And when others have it, make sure you jump for joy with them. When they get positive reviews, high rankings on Amazon, best sellers, and or awards, say congrats. I’m sure when people see that congrats, it makes them feel awesome. The world of writing is quite the lonely business. Apart from close friends or family, FB might be our only other source of interaction. Make it enjoyable for those around you as well as your readers. I believe when your readers see you do that, they’ll be pleased to see how human you are!
  6. Pay it Forward: Every author should be willing to do things to make other authors, new and old feel good about themselves and help out when needed. Do you have expertise in one area that another doesn’t? Help them, share your knowledge. Open the door on your blog if you have one to your fellow authors when they have releases and need to promo. Help with beta reads if you have time, proofing, and when you do that, don’t be nasty about it. Kindly tell the author, no this might not work, try this instead. Be critical but be respectful when you do. No one likes to be berated for their work! Give suggestions on how to make that person’s book better.


I’m sure there are other things that you might’ve thought about. Feel free to leave them in comments! However, that was the gist of what I got from other authors who read my post. As I said, we’re all in this huge sandbox together and we might as well play nice to make this experience pleasant for everyone.

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