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Aw a lovely pic of a beautiful biracial family.

It is story worthy… the muses like it.

Perhaps at another time when we’re not so busy!





Happy Memorial Day to all!

Closing out the hop at Michael’s for the Hop against Homophobia and Transphobia

is the head with an important message about Marriage Equality!


Also, Shar is blogging at IRM about being gay and morality!




Good morning and welcome to the Wind Down

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a video to support my muses here but I suppose I could just tell you. Damn Youtube

So my story is tentatively titled, Love in the Slow Lane. It’s an interracial m/m story about 2 young men who are uniquely different

One young man, up above Rashad is impatient, loves everything fast, instant. Loves fast cars, fast service, fast men etc.

While my guy down below, Sawyer, is more of a slow type of guy. He works as a toll road operator, lives in a small town, happy go lucky with very little stress.

The song I was thinking of was “Little Red Corvette” by Prince. An awesome tune to feed the Rashad muse since he’s on ten all the time.

I also thought about “I Knew You Were Waiting For Me” by Aretha Franklin and George Michael.

Yeah both 80’s tunes but songs that peak my interest while i form the notes around the men in my story.

Somewhere in the middle, these men fall in love  but how when their lives are so seemingly different?

Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks. I’m really excited about this story.




I’m at Michael’s today with a post about interracial m/m romance!


Also, I’m doing a giveaway with swag and a 5GC.



Sometimes the muse wins over over the author.

In this case, I begged and pleaded with Shar to write this story and well, she listened.

It’s for a subcall for an average joe story that I’m about to start once Michael gets done with edits on his next book!

I’m thrilled about this tale I’m calling, Love in the Slow Lane!

These are my muses, Brock Yurick is Sawyer, the model above

and below is Rashad played by Rob Evans.

This is gonna be good!

I promise!

Wednesday, I’ll tell you more.






Shar’s doing a post about ILEP and why its her fave series.

She’s also doing a giveaway for US residents only

Visit Sid Love’s blog today for the details!


This post is from brilliant writer Heidi Cullinan. The message? Never, ever put down your readers. Word to all of you, the Triad appreciates all success on all books! We love readers and strive to write books that will entertain and please. 😀

The Amazon Iowan


Tonight Twitterverse roared with outrage over Kendall Grey’s post on Authors for Life where she bemoans the fact that sometimes, publishing is hard. Grey spent four years writing and a great deal of money and effort promoting an urban fantasy trilogy; it tanked. She wrote an erotic novel she describes as a “piece of trash” in two months, spent much less in promotion and gave it much less effort, and that book made some decent money. She’s angry that she wasn’t rewarded for her “beautiful, artistic” book and that by selling out she made money. Grey writes:

I know it’s depressing to hear that in order to find success, you may have to compromise your principles. I’ve come to grips with the fact that in the current market, trashy smut sells, and urban fantasy does not. Tough shit for me. If you want to sell books, you have to…

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