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New Cover – One Shot part of the Reluctant Groupie Series METALROTICA

Posted on: April 29, 2013




And here is the cover for my next book!


My lovey dovey short about a 41 year old woman, falling for an aging guitarist.

It’s in edits and shall be up by Sunday at the latest!

Blurb: Evie Langston has taken some great shots of rock stars in her life and none has intrigued her like the picture she took of star guitarist Del Vanz of the heavy metal band, Blood Reign. Evie is more than interested in finding out more about the mystery man behind the makeup but can’t get over being intimidated and afraid of rejection. 

Del Vanz, Blood Reign’s head axeman, never saw such a beautiful lady in the pit taking pictures of him and he wants to know more. However, he’s not sure how she’d accept his career choice. If so, would she be interested in the man behind the white paint?

A small excerpt here

“Evie…Evie…snap out of it, will ya?” Macy snapped her fingers in front of Evie’s face while they lunched at their favorite restaurant in Wicker Park. “Look girl, you’re gonna have to do something about that obsession you got with guitar boy or let go. Geez, you been like a fucking zombie the last couple of weeks.”

Evie shook her head and adjusted her black rimmed glasses. “I know…I−” She bit her lip and hesitated. “I dunno what to do, Mace. What if he’s got a girlfriend, or he may be gay…”

“I seriously doubt that last one.” Macy stabbed her steak and cut a piece off the side. “You’ll never find out unless you try, Evie. Sitting here thinking about the picture or staring him down won’t do you a bit of good.” Macy placed the meat between her lips.

“Yeah, I know…damnit!” Evie clenched her fist tightly and pushed her plate away.

“Girl you got it bad. Real bad when you’re not touching food from Alberta’s.” Macy finished her meal and wiped her mouth with the cloth napkin on her lap. She leaned into her friend and gripped her shoulder. “Look babe, I’ve never known you to be so scared to go after what you want. Why now, toots? Why you clamming up for this guy.”

“Because,” Evie began and crossed her arms over her chest. Her shoulders tensed. “This isn’t just any man. This is Del Vanz from Blood Reign.”

“He’s a man, not a god,” Macy countered.

“I know but…geez, Mace, I don’t know. I just don’t feel like being rejected again. You remember the last time I tried to date someone in the music scene and how he turned out to be such a dick.”

“Yeah, yeah. Tommy from Distillery. I know.” Macy rolled her eyes and clicked her teeth. “What a fucking asshole.”

“Total ass,” she agreed. “I’m tired of giving my heart out to guys and getting little or nothing in return. I’m too old for this crap, Mace. I wanna get settled, have babies−”

“Now?” Macy’s eyes widened in shock. “I mean, don’t ya think we’re a little too old for kids now, honey?”

“I want at least one by somebody. You found Prince Charming, why can’t I?”

“Yeah well…” Macy grinned to herself and patted Evie’s shoulder. “That was luck, Evie. I wasn’t even looking and well, he just kind of popped up. And besides that, we’re okay with the fact we didn’t have kids. More time for us.”

“Why hasn’t mine just kind of popped up?” Evie drew up her lips.

“Dunno, sweets. You’re attractive, funny, and creative. I mean, I been praying to the deities for ya, Evie but they aren’t listening.”

“Obviously.” Evie laid back in her chair. “There’s gotta be someone out there for me…”

Macy interrupted. “And perhaps it’s Del but the only way you’ll find out is by trying. I swear girl, you’re gonna run yourself crazy, thinking about him and not doing anything about it.”

“But but…”

“No buts, girl. You took the shot for the concert in Indianapolis and now his band is coming back for three shows in Chicago after playing this fucked up tour schedule.”

“Yeah…” Evie glanced away from her friend a moment and thought back to that glorious night in Indianapolis at the Metal55 venue. Blood Reign, Sacred Heart, and Dying Wish were playing there for a tribute show and Evie had full access to shoot for the night.

* * * *

In the pit down below, Evie adjusted her camera to get a couple of more shots of the bass player before she moved to the other side of the stage. She moved passed a rival photographer who she’d always thought had it in for her anyway.

Little bitch.

She harrumphed and sprinted away just in time to avoid a would-be crowd surfer being lifted from the crowd. Evie gulped hard and knelt down in front of the godlike figure standing before her.

Jesus, he’s so beautiful.

Again, she turned her lens of her camera and aimed it at him. Seemingly, he took notice of Evie and stomped to the edge of the stage, whipping his long black locks in front of her, keeping in rhythm to the beat.

God… he is…

She perused through her lens, her heart thumped in her chest. Fuck, he was looking dead at her, through the red contacts, smiling, licking the top of his red pouty lips. Holy hell! He was giving good shot just for her and she enjoyed every minute of it. She gave horns and stood there mesmerized by his beauty, wondering about the man behind the makeup. Evie shook her head and propped her camera up once more, just in time to get a money shot, one she knew would be a hot picture for the paper.

Damn, I gotta keep this for myself.

No way would she give this particular one away to the Times. She’d keep it for her own personal collection and stare at it for days to come.

Evie nodded at him and gave Del the thumbs up. He in turn acknowledged her and grinned.

Jesus what a hottie. If only…

* * * *

“Evie…Evie…God you need to stop zoning out like that, girl!” Macy clapped her hands to break the spell, causing a few patrons to look around and snicker.

“Sorry…” Evie batted her eyelashes and leaned back in her chair again. Damn she needed to do something about this. But what? He wouldn’t be interested! What if he turns out to be an ass like the other? “I’m sorry I wasn’t good lunch company today.”

“Yeah you made me look like a pig, eating my food all alone.” Macy opened her purse and pulled out some cash.

Evie held out her hand. “No, let me at least pay for the meal,” she sighed. “Damn, I’m a mess. I can’t get this man out of my head but I don’t wanna try going after him.”

“I don’t know why, Evie. Since when have you let a failed relationship in the past stop you?”

“Now, Mace. I’m getting too old for this shit.” She tossed some money on the table and pouted like a petulant child.

“Yeah but nothing will change unless you get out there and do something about it. Mister Right won’t just come banging on your door and holding a ring on a fluffy velvet pillow.”

“Why not?” Evie shook her head a twirled her red curls around her fingers. “Why can’t it be that easy? Isn’t that essentially what happened with you?”

“Nope. It just kind of happened but not without effort on his part and mine. We saw a connection and went for it. That’s what you have to do. See if the man’s interested in you and if he isn’t move on to the next one.”

Evie crossed her legs and nibbled on her bottom lip, thinking about the hot guitarist again. “That’s just it, Mace. I don’t wanna move on to the next one. I want it to work. I wanna settle down and not have to worry about finding someone anymore.”

“Well, you won’t get to that point without talking to him, Evie. If you want him that bad, you should make the first move. See what he’s about. How will you know if you don’t go for it? You got three days, woman. Take advantage.”

Three days.

Three days, Evie thought, to muster up the confidence to talk with this man, this larger than life rocker who most likely had a girlfriend, or maybe several. Why couldn’t he be the one to make the move?

Is he even interested in me?

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