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Wednesday Wind Down

Posted on: April 10, 2013

Good morning.

Happy Wednesday, hope it’s a good one so far.

Sooo… as I said on Monday, I was writing a story about two middle aged people ready to settle down and still be their rock and roll selves.

Obviously, when you search for that special someone, you hope you find a person of like mind. Might like the same things, you like, etc.

Well in this short I’m writing, Evie Langston knows the only kind of man that will make her happy is a rock star.

And oh the man’s she’s lusting after just happens to be the lead axemen for the top metal band, Blood Reign. Fictional of course!

Why World in my Eyes? I picked this song because Del Vanz wants a woman who he can share his life with and aims his attention at photographer, Evie. Neither one of them know the other is interested though. *laughs* This should be interesting.

Anyways, as you may or may not know, BLMorticia is the queen of rock and roll erotica in this triad but she’s allowing me, her sweet and sassy sis to join in.

This may be one of the shorts included on her Reluctant Groupie series. We shall see.

For now, enjoy a small blurb and a snippet of the story

Blurb: Evie Langston has taken some great shots of rock stars in her life and none has intrigued her like the picture she took of star guitarist Del Vanz of the heavy metal band, Blood Reign. Evie is more than interested in finding out more about the mystery man behind the makeup but can’t get over being intimidated and afraid of rejection.


Del Vanz, Blood Reign’s head axeman, never saw such a beautiful lady in the pit taking pictures of him and he wants to know more. However, he’s not sure how she’d accept his career choice. If so, would she be interested in the man behind the white paint?


Unedited PG Excerpt

“So… you have absolutely no idea who the photographer was in the pit? The redhead?” Del paced back in forth in front of the bus and balling his hand into a fist. “She’s pretty easy to spot. Redhead, with glasses, real cute, wearing all black. I think she might’ve been wearing a scarf around her neck.” Del shook his head in total disbelief. How the hell did this man not know who he gave the freaking photo pass to?


“Sorry, Del. We give out so many of these things. The only one I know well is the blond, Francesca Brouchette. She’s hot… I wouldn’t…”


“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Thanks.” Del didn’t wait for the guy on the other end to finish and disconnected the call. Who cared about Francesca anyway? He didn’t and besides, there might’ve been another reason why she was so memorable. Hmph. Trashy. She had to be. Why else would everyone recall the short blond chick by name?


In disgust, Del kicked a stray beer can by his foot and cursed loudly. “I’m interested in a girl and no one knows who the hell she is!”


“What?” Their tour manager, Ted stepped off the bus, cigarette in hand. “What’s wrong, Del? I swear, ever since you cleaned up you been a raging madman. I think I liked you better when you were on drugs.”


Del cocked an eyebrow and shot him a glare. Seriously? Did he just say what I thought he said? “What?”


“Kidding man…” Ted held up his hands. “I mean, yes and no. You’re so tightly wound, Del. Ever since you went to rehab you don’t know how to relax.”


“Yeah I do.” Del nodded and even then his jaws clenched, shoulders tensed. “I do… I know how to have fun. I just know how to do it safely this days. I needed balance, Ted. After I almost killed myself and a friend, I needed to get clean.”


Ted bowed his head once in agreement. “Yeah, I know, dude but… you been on ten, Del. When you’re not on tour, you’re doing martial arts, not taking time away from everything like you should.”


“I need to keep busy, Ted. It’s how I don’t make the call to the dealer and end up back at square one. I been clean for nearly five years and intend to stay that way.”


“Okay, that’s all well and good but you seriously need to take a chill pill. Enzo tells me how you are in the studio. If something doesn’t sound right, you’re ready to bite everyone’s head off.”


Del grimaced and looked away real quickly. He shrugged. “What can I say, I’m a perfectionist. I like the notes to be just right. When we play on the album and get ready to record, there should be little to no mistakes. Not only that, everyone doesn’t take it as seriously as I do, anymore. Blood Reign’s been ‘round for almost two decades and I want us to play until we can’t play no more. How will we be able to stay on top of the metal world if fucking up the easiest shit, ya know?”


“Believe me, Del, I get it but you still need to relax. Chill out.”


“Okay…fine…okay maybe a little but I won’t ease up in studio, that’s for sure. Everyone needs to bring their ‘A’ game for that. In concert, you’re only allowed a couple of times to screw up, after that, they boo your ass off the stage. I won’t have that happen to Blood Reign.”


“Okay then, good deal. What’s got you so wound up right now? I saw you out here kicking trash and cursing…”


“Yeah, I’m…” Del turned his attention away from Ted a moment. He really didn’t want to share too much info with the tour manager for fear it would get around to the rest of the band. What if they found her and took her away? What if? “I’m uh, having a hard time finding this lady photographer. She and I talked about a photo shoot at one of the last shows and um, I’m almost positive I might’ve saw her in the pit at Metal55.”


Make it seem like business, yeah that’s it.


“Oh… which one? The cute little blond?” He grinned while he stepped on the cigarette. “Oh yeah, shes…dude a private photo session with her? Wow, I’d…”


“No, no, not her. The redhead with glasses.” Del seriously hated this blonde was getting so many props for nothing. Or maybe he did like it so it kept the focus off the one he was interested in.


“Ohh, her? Ah, yeah…” He rubbed his neck and nodded. “I don’t recall her name but I’m sure I can find out who she was. I think she worked with the Times. That would be great if you could do some kind of feature with them or something. Good publicity for the band.”


“Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Any chance you can find out before this evening?” Del hoped to meet this woman tonight before he went back to Santa Barbara. Less than three days to make a connection.


“Eager beaver you. See, I told you. You need to relax, man. Always thinking about Blood Reign and not Del Vanz. Yeah, I can. Lemme just see if I can get the pass list for that night from Metal55.”


Del closed his eyes and shook his head no. “Ted, already been there. I called the venue. They don’t even know who they gave passes to that night.”


“Well, gee Del, maybe they don’t but I do. We only had two females in the pit. The blonde and the redhead from what I recall. The others were male. I’ll look up the list, I usually keep them in on file so I can keep a record of legit requests as opposed to moochers. Gotta keep tabs on some of these people who say they’re with press and they aren’t with anyone. Especially those e-zine people… anyone with a website thinks Welcome can get into a show for free and cover it. What the hell’s that about?”


Del said nothing in retort. He disagreed with the last comment Ted made but he wasn’t all that interested in defending the credibility of electronic media. All he cared about was the cute redheaded photographer with the pretty smile and the black rimmed glasses. What was her story? Did she really work with the Times? Did she have a man? What if she was married? Damn he hoped not because he really wanted to get to know the woman behind the lens better.


Come Ted, do your magic and find my mystery woman!

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