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This Weeks Project – For Scottie

Posted on: March 26, 2013

Tow men in love

Good morning friends.

This week’s project is pretty personal.

It;s not really a romance, in fact it won’t be any sex in it.


I know that’s wierd coming from an erotica writer who writes under 3 names but I need to do this in honor of my cousin.

You see, my cousin Scotty committed suicide in June of 2011

I later found out he might’ve done it because he was gay and didn’t want to tell his family.

The only person he did tell was his sister, who told my uncle, then later told me.

Scottie and I didn’t talk much other than the usual hi and bye.

He was funny, smart, and actually a really good cook.

This handsome young man was quiet too and never really shared anything about himself with us as his older cousins but I always

wondered why Scottie never talked about a girlfriend.

Because of the age difference and the fact he didn’t talk, I never knew he might’ve been gay.

It wasn’t until last year that I found out the info from my uncle.

After much mulling and doing other things, I decided this project needed to be completed now.

This is something I have to do. Give Scottie a voice and other young GLBT people like him who felt they didn’t have a way out.

I feel that if I would’ve known, I could’ve made a difference.

Now, I intend to with this book which i’m calling Guardian Angel for now and I’ll be writing it as a tribute to him

Also, I’ll be donating most of the proceeds to Trevor Project who are the wonderful people who support our GLBT youth

Stay tuned for more on this project.

Tentative release date is in June around PRIDE!

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