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Tow men in love

Good morning friends.

This week’s project is pretty personal.

It;s not really a romance, in fact it won’t be any sex in it.


I know that’s wierd coming from an erotica writer who writes under 3 names but I need to do this in honor of my cousin.

You see, my cousin Scotty committed suicide in June of 2011

I later found out he might’ve done it because he was gay and didn’t want to tell his family.

The only person he did tell was his sister, who told my uncle, then later told me.

Scottie and I didn’t talk much other than the usual hi and bye.

He was funny, smart, and actually a really good cook.

This handsome young man was quiet too and never really shared anything about himself with us as his older cousins but I always

wondered why Scottie never talked about a girlfriend.

Because of the age difference and the fact he didn’t talk, I never knew he might’ve been gay.

It wasn’t until last year that I found out the info from my uncle.

After much mulling and doing other things, I decided this project needed to be completed now.

This is something I have to do. Give Scottie a voice and other young GLBT people like him who felt they didn’t have a way out.

I feel that if I would’ve known, I could’ve made a difference.

Now, I intend to with this book which i’m calling Guardian Angel for now and I’ll be writing it as a tribute to him

Also, I’ll be donating most of the proceeds to Trevor Project who are the wonderful people who support our GLBT youth

Stay tuned for more on this project.

Tentative release date is in June around PRIDE!


What a cutie, hmm? I see him as a muse in an upcoming story. 

He’s exotic looking, very young. 

Perhaps he should go in our college series or BL’s Wretched book?

I can find a tale for him, easy!


The model’s name is Caio Vaz





I don’t have a story for him just yet but I will.


Hot, sexy, and especially gorgeous, Frank Mentier.


He is sooo hot!


I’m attending the St. Patrick’s Day party at TRS giving away a 5GC from Amazon and a book from my backlist!

Here’s the link

TRS Party

Michael will be there tomorrow and BL on Sunday. 

Good morning! I’m happy to have Dakota Trace on the blog with a post for her blogtour supporting the Doms of Chicago series, book seven Gabriel’s Light. She’s also doing an awesome giveaway!


Okay, where are you hiding all the yummy men, Rawiya? *pokes around*

“What exactly are you doing, Livvy?”

*squeals*  Gabriel!  I wasn’t expecting to see you back here so soon. How did the trip to Greece go? Did you get everything settled?  How’s Zhenya and Sophie?

*holds hands up*  “Whoa, slow down.  They are fine.  Tucked safe at home, sleeping off the jetlag. When I left, Hark was keeping watch over them.  He takes his Uncle duties very seriously. It was too close a call for him to do anything but.”

*smiles* Of course he does. I told my slave that he was a stand-up kind of guy.  Protects all those around him and dotes on Sophie and Zhenya, like an older brother.   I can’t wait ‘til she lets me start brewing up ideas for him, Master Rai, and Bryan.  You think she’d mind if I had them doing a demonstration at the club together?  *purses lips*  Ohhh yeah, I can see that.  All the man love going on *fans self*   Damnit she needs to get back from Florida so we can work on it!

*sighs* “You need to leave her be. Haven’t you been whipping her pretty hard as of late? With all these ideas?”

*pouts* No. If anything I’m not working her hard enough.  I’ve got stories to tell and she’s off playing with the kids in sunny Florida.  She needs to come back.

“Well… until then why don’t we get to what we’re here for today?”

*brightens* Of course! Your book.  It was so much fun trying to work out the relationship between you and Zhenya.  I don’t think I’ve ever met two more stubborn characters.

*growls* “You mean to tell me, siccing a psychotic and deranged villain on Zhenya’s butt  was fun for you? I almost lost her.”

Aw…I would never let Dakota kill off the heroine of the book *pats arm*   I love you guys way too much.

*crosses arms over chest*  “And what about Sara?”

*sighs*  Sara was a delightful girl and what happened was tragic, but at least I replaced her with Zhenya.  Aw come on – don’t give me that look. I don’t mean she’s interchangeable, but you did end up happy in the end, right?

“Yeah, but woman you put me through a world of pain.” *Leans in*  “And I’ll definitely be remembering that when we all show up at the party on the March 22nd.”

*nibbles on lip, then winks* Promises, promises…but shouldn’t we be talking about your book?  You want to give the blurb, or should I?

*straightens* “Unbelievable, even with the threat of genuine punishment you’re still a smartass. I’m so glad that didn’t rub off on Zhenya.”  *looks to readers*  “Unlike Livvy here, I have no problem talking about my book, but honestly Dakota does a much better job of tantalizing you folks than I would.  So please go HERE to get the official blurb and an excerpt from Gabriel’s Light.”

*squeezes Garbriel’s arm*  Very good, you’re almost as good as I am.  Are you sure you don’t want to do the next stop for me?

“Yes.  I just got home from the two-week vacation from hell, I need to catch up on my sleep. The only reason I’m here is to help out Dakota.  She’s at least sane enough to say thank you.” DT3

So you think. *leans in close*  Who the hell do you think created me? Your precious Dakota….*straightens up*  But enough of that.  Who want’s prizes?  *smiles widely*  Dakota is being generous today and offering an E-copy of Gabriel’s Light today. All you have to do is comment below with your email address and you will be entered to win.  Dakota will drag herself away from Space Mountain long enough to announce the winner tomorrow evening.

“Don’t forget about the grand prize, Livvy.”  *arches brow*  “I can’t believe she’s actually giving away a replica of my toy basket. Kinky author…”

Aw…that’s okay, Gabe.  Don’t worry about it. At least its’ not the one in your playroom.  What ever would you tease Zhenya with if she’d raffled off that?

*smiles wickedly* “Oh, I’m resourceful…you’d be amazed what can happen with a little bit of ingenuity…”

*slaps arm playfully*  Stop it…you might corrupt me.”

“As if. But anyhow, before this silly muse runs in another direction – each entry for the daily prize will also be entered for the grand prize pictured here. “  *smiles seductively* “And believe me it’s a prize worth it’s weight in gold…to right couple.”


Gabriel! I’m gonna tell Zhenya you were flirting…

“Not if I gag you first, you won’t.”  *moves to grab Muse*

*squeals*  Ooopps gotta run. I’ll be at Sexy Erotic Reviews tomorrow. *throws chocolate at Gabe*  And that’s for the lovely Ms. Rawiya.  *vanishes*

*chuckles* Thanks Dakota and erm, muses for that lovely blog! What a sexy prize! Make sure you enter the giveaway!  Click on the link to enter! 😀

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Last week, my muse was David Gandy.

This week it’s this pic of Jason Momoa, the other half of my One Night in Paradise duo, Peter and Cruz

This is the story I’ll be working on next.

Look for it to come out in May.

Good morning.

My Wind Down for today is an old song I used to play repeatedly back in the day.

I loved the lyrics and the haunting sound of it and since I’m about to write the full for Peter and Cruz, I thought it appropriate.

To me this tune talks about long lost love, someone the main character is missing in their lives.

It’s perfect inspiration for Peter and Cruz!


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