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Wind Down Wednesday

Posted on: February 27, 2013


Welcome to the Wind Down today and this song, couple of my characters just adore.

My recently, Rhett Vorhees from the short I did in Only THAT Night. 

In the lyrics, Johnathan talks about torment he’s feels when he has some kind of emotions towards a person but doesn’t want them to continue. To me, he’s speaking about caring about someone but not able to keep those feelings in tact and instead wants to throw them away. 

Yep sounds like Rhett!

He’s had feelings for Darren McKissick his whole life but because of his fears over being outed, he decides to put them off to the side. 

How will this story continue? I wonder myself. 

Someday soon we’ll find out together.

For now, hope you go pick up the anthology and read my tale, Unforgettable Valentine!

Unforgettable Valentine Blurb: Rhett Vorhees is looking for a date just to enjoy Valentine’s day with and instead gets a lot more than what he’s bargaining for.




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