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Saturday Sips – Only THAT Night Anthology Unforgettable Valentine

Posted on: February 2, 2013

Only that Night1400  Good morning! Welcome to the Sip. It’s just me today offering an excerpt from my next story to be in the Triad Valentines Day antho to come out soon!

In my story, Rhett and Darren have been separated for years and are reunited by an online Ad. Here’s a snippet of the story.

(Unedited excerpt)

Rhett continued to push the button repeatedly looking through the potentials and getting frustrated by the minute. He knew perhaps the best thing was to get up from the computer and… “Ooh wait. Who is this?” He stopped abruptly when he saw a gorgeous looking black man and the title of his profile was ‘Searching for the right one.’ “And just what could you be searching for, gorgeous? Why not just entertain me for one night and then…maybe…” Rhett read the profile of DKnight90.

Single black man seeking gorgeous male with intelligence, a sense of humor, and a winning smile. Race unimportant.

“Hmm, and just why are you still alone looking that good?” Rhett decided to go for it and send him a message. What did his friend Matt say about taking risks? He decided this was just as good a time as ever.

Rhett typed a small note to the attractive gentleman, hoping he’d respond.

Hi there, I’d love to talk with you perhaps get together for the most stupidest holiday of the year. LOL Maybe we can make it better together? Drop me a line



Rhett hoped the simple note would grab the man’s attention, since it appeared he was looking for no nonsense and might want to get to know Rhett better. Perhaps this man, DKnight90 could be someone he could get to know and maybe just maybe, he’d be interesting enough to change Rhett’s mind about a long term relationship.

As he told Matt, he just wasn’t ready to come out and face the embarrassment from his coworkers, peers who weren’t gay, or even his bosses. He did not want to put his heart out there just to be stepped on.

“Rhett…hey man… we’re about to head out to the bar for a couple of drinks. Since you’re not working tomorrow, why not join us. You might find something you like there.” Matt slipped on his jacket and tied his scarf around his neck.

“No, that’s alright. You go on ahead without me. I wanna see what this nice looking guy says once he sees my message.”

“Who? What does he look like?” Matt sprinted over and leaned down next to him to peer at the computer screen.

“Him. Isn’t he gorgeous?” Rhett smiled approvingly and pulled his hair into a ponytail over his shoulders.

“Wow, he is really hot. What’s his name?” Matt looked closer at the screen.

Rhett shoved him backwards and laughed. “Hey, I saw him first. Besides, you’re damn near married, remember?”

“Yeah but I’m not dead. Wow, look at the bod, the face… Jesus. Make sure you tell me what happens with that!”

“I will. So you’ll excuse me from going out with you guys so I can have a chance to talk with Mr. Hottie?”

“It doesn’t really excuse you but I’ll let it slide this time. He really is hot. Make sure you fill me in on all the details.” Matt put his gloves on and walked towards the door.

“Yeah yeah, go on and have a good time. Tell all the guys I said hi.”

Rhett turned back around in his chair to look at DKnight90 some more. There was something about him that looked familiar but he couldn’t place it. He wondered if he’d seen him in the area, perhaps at one the clubs he went to and didn’t have the balls to talk with him. That had to be it. Otherwise he would’ve noticed him elsewhere.

Who am I kidding? A good looking man like that?

Rhett was very shy when it came to talking to guys. Seemingly every time he tried, he’d remember that day in grammar school and got cold feet. Tonight though, he’d make the move. He’d be the one to initiate the conversation and see where Mr. Hottie’s head was at.

Hopefully he wouldn’t mind spending Valentine’s night with him. If Rhett wanted more, he’d make sure to let him know.




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