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Welcome to the Wind Down today and this song, couple of my characters just adore.

My recently, Rhett Vorhees from the short I did in Only THAT Night. 

In the lyrics, Johnathan talks about torment he’s feels when he has some kind of emotions towards a person but doesn’t want them to continue. To me, he’s speaking about caring about someone but not able to keep those feelings in tact and instead wants to throw them away. 

Yep sounds like Rhett!

He’s had feelings for Darren McKissick his whole life but because of his fears over being outed, he decides to put them off to the side. 

How will this story continue? I wonder myself. 

Someday soon we’ll find out together.

For now, hope you go pick up the anthology and read my tale, Unforgettable Valentine!

Unforgettable Valentine Blurb: Rhett Vorhees is looking for a date just to enjoy Valentine’s day with and instead gets a lot more than what he’s bargaining for.







Lovely picture of a hot couple right here.

They’re lying in bed, totally innocent right but what else have they been doing before the camera caught them?

Oh the possibilities!




Good morning

My story in the Only That Night anthology, Unforgettable Valentine features a quirky character who can’t

let go of the past.

Michael Hudson plays my character Rhet Vorhees in this story.

A closeted, IT guy who only loved one person in his life, a man he met in HS.

Unforgettable Valentine Blurb: Rhett Vorhees is looking for a date just to enjoy Valentine’s day with and instead gets a lot more than what he’s bargaining for.




Only that Night1400



Today, we’re at TRS blogging to support the anthology, Only That night.

Please join us and other authors this morning share excerpts and do giveaways.

Ours is a copy of the anthology



Today i’m at the Juliette Springs Love is Blind Blogathon!

She’s doing a giveaway too so you should hop on over and make a comment!



Shar will be in Marsha Cook tomorrow as an NNP author

Time is 8pm CST 9pm EST

Here is the link


bigstock-Sexy-couple-in-romantic-pose-35705408   Hey from New Orleans! Beautiful scenery here in Louisiana. It’s been raining for most of the trip but now, it’s humid and many are on the streets trying to enjoy the last of the Gras.

What I love about NOLA at Mardi Gras time? The people from all over the world, different races, creeds, cultures, coming together for a huge event. For the most part, things have been peaceful. There was a shooting on Bourbon Street the other night but thank goodness, Shar and company were tucked away in their beds long before that incident occurred. 

Still, not that, nor the bad weather could dampen the spirits of the people here in New Orleans. Whole families out with their kids, enjoying the parades, running for beads, eating great food, and taking pleasure in plenty of libations. What else? People actually talking to one another, asking about their hometowns, how many times they’d attended, etc. Something about southern people and how friendly they are just warms your heart. 

In Chicago, people aren’t as apt to strike up conversation and speak but down here, that isn’t the case. People are much more polite and the accents? Love the accent, the Creole, French, southern speech is awesome to listen to.

This has been such a great experience for all of us and we hope to make this a yearly trip. 

I’ll be sad to leave in a couple of days but in the meantime, i’ll enjoy the small mixture of people here in NOLA along with the traditions, the atmosphere, and the drinks!


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