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Saturday Sips – I Like Em’ Pretty

Posted on: January 26, 2013

Good morning! About to start writing my next story which is an m/m but here’s a little of my best selling m/f, I Like Em’ Pretty!

PrettyCover Blurb: Men come in all forms; big, small, manly and not so much. Rhoda Maire likes em’ on the pretty side and won’t settle for anything less. Dr. Nicholas Fairlight might be just what she needs. He’s looking for a woman to settle down with after years of putting his career first. Time for both of these lonely medical professionals to find true love!

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“Rhoda? Rhoda, are you listenin’ to me?” Nurse Rhoda Maire’s mother called to her repeatedly through the handset.

“Hmm? Oh sorry, Ma, I was—”

“Just driftin’ off to dreamy land, right? It’s a wonder you made it through nursing school with high marks, child. Your teachers mentioned how you loved to daydream.”

Rhoda grimaced and sighed inwardly. She switched her cellular from one shoulder to the other while preparing her morning hazelnut blend. The best pick-me-up in the world. She wouldn’t have it any other way. “Sorry, Momma, I was thinkin’ about a patient at the clinic,” she lied.

“Hmph. Well, I wish you’d stop thinkin’ so much about work and concentrate on gettin’ a man. You’re not any younger, baby. You’re pushin’ forty!”

“Mom, I’m thirty-eight, okay? I still got time before I hit the big four O. Besides, haven’t I told ya I’m not into settlin’ for just any kind of man?”

“Yeah you have but…” Mom went silent.


“Well, darnit, girl, I’m just worried, that’s all. I remember when your sister Moira fixed you up with that nice man she works with.”

Rhoda rolled her eyes, pondering that moment.

Yep, he was pretty, but unfortunately he didn’t play for my team.

She smiled to herself, knowing she couldn’t mention that to her mom. They had a great time on their second date until the man spotted a good-looking brother at the bar, checked him out, and promptly excused himself from the table.

Still, he had the right look. Very handsome man, light skin the color of her favorite latte with black wavy hair and eyes; oh, his eyes were hazel. Unforgettable. She could get lost in them. But he didn’t like the girls as much as he did the boys.

If only he did, I wouldn’t be havin’ this conversation with Momma right now.

“He sounded like a fine man, Rhoda! What did you say or do to him?”

“Nothin’,” she scoffed and glanced up at the ceiling. “Mom, can I call you back? I know how you love to talk with me on Sunday mornin’ before you go to church but I wanna finish my coffee, eat breakfast, and sleep in. I’ve got three eleven hour shifts to pull at the hospital this week.”

“Okay, Rhoda. I’ll let you go. For now. I wish you’d join me in church sometime. All the sisters there miss you. Haven’t seen ya since you were a young girl.”

“Mhmm,” she smirked, putting down her mug that read, ‘I’m not over the hill…yet.’ “Maybe next weekend, Momma. I actually have a Saturday night off for once.”

“Good, then I’ll tell ‘em—”

“No, no, no, please, don’t have ‘em expectin’ me to be there. If I go out with Sharnette, I might not be able to make it past my bed that mornin’.”

“Mmm…mmm… you still talk to her? She’s such a bad influence!”

“Ma, she’s my best friend. Just because she writes smut doesn’t mean she’s bad, m’kay? Now lemme let you go.” Rhoda really wanted to hang up now with her mom talking about her best buddy from high school. Sharnette was a prolific author and party girl who Lorna Maire had taken issue with for years. After all, this was the young lady who took Rhoda to her first club when they were clearly underage.

“Okay, baby. Make me happy and go find a man. Stay away from that character you call a friend and don’t drink too much,” she warned.

“Uh, okay.” Rhoda wasn’t quite sure where that came from. She only sipped wine when her and Sharnette went to the bars and actually that wasn’t often.

Rhoda barely had time to think after working some of the shifts she’d been scheduled, but she knew that before she took the job.

Nothing brought her joy like helping other people who were sick and in need of care. Nursing meant the personal life came second so she could satisfy everyone who needed her help.

After she told her mom goodbye, she pushed the disconnect and propped her feet up on the table in front of her. Rhoda truly loved mornings like this when she didn’t have to do anything but lounge around in her pink house robe and fuzzy bunny slippers. Still, it was really disheartening to know there was no one but the dog, Spearmint, to come home to. Her brown and lovable Yorkshire Terrier had been the only steady male in her life for the past three years.


When was the last time I went out on a date with a man other than Mike, who liked the other side of the fence? She had to think about it a moment and, unfortunately, her brain hurt just attempting to remember.

“Arf!” Spearmint sprinted from the bedroom and immediately jumped in her lap, asking for attention. To show his affection, he licked her face repeatedly.

“Ooh okay, I’ll feed you and yes, good mornin’.” She laughed and nuzzled his cold, wet nose. She lifted her cup and made her way into the small kitchen of her two bedroom apartment. No, it wasn’t a palace, but it was clean and only steps away from the Duke University hospital where she worked. You can’t beat not needing a car except to run errands or go out for the evening. It was convenience she paid for handsomely.

“Okay, there you go.” Rhoda gave Spearmint his favorite breakfast and watched him eat on the counter while finishing her coffee. Yep, mornings like this were great. If only she had someone to share them with.

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