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Wind Down Wednesday

Posted on: January 9, 2013


Mornin! Welcome to the wind down!

As you know, music is a huge part of inspiration for all the muses, me even more so than the other two since I tend to write more emotion and fluff. *giggle*

Well, the plot bunnies hit me once again, this time while listening to a song on ITunes.

Now, I’m notoriously late when it comes to new music. I’m stuck in my old ways. Music that sounded good to me ten or more years ago, still does and I’m sort of a fuddy duddy in that regard.

Soo, when I hear something I’ve never heard, its new to me. Prime example. I see this song might be about 3 years old but I love it.

Haunting, romantic, and wow, it could apply to any couple.

Yes I put my m/f pic up there but it could be inspiration for any kind of romantic story.

Perhaps a tale of long lost loves, one night stands, a sexy dream, or even someone missing their significant other.

I like the one night stand angle because it fit two stories that I will be writing soon.

One, the short in the Hot Summer antho about Peter and Cruz.

The other, Smooth Like Latte’s sequel where one of my characters does something, um, out of character.

Not saying anything more than that!

I do love this tune though.

Have a listen to it yourself and see what you think!

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