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Black Friday Has it Gone TOO Far?

Posted on: November 26, 2012



Was this you last Thursday night into Friday?

This pic I just found from an article in one of the newspapers talking about the black Friday happenings here

So what about you?

Well, I was one of those that had to work.

In my day job I’m a retail merchandiser for a large entertainment vendor so I was out there at 7pm with loads of other shoppers picking over movies and dodging hungry shoppers as they tried to run each other over for the big screen TV’s.

It got me to thinking about this deal. Opening on Thanksgiving night, pulling families away from their loved ones after dinner and football to grab the IPad, the laptop, or big screen THEY wanted.

Who truly goes out on Black Friday to shop for someone else? I wonder…

Hmm, I didn’t.

I was scheduled from 7pm-4am Thursday into Friday. At 11pm, I clocked out and got ready to go to my next store.

During my hour off, I bought an external HD since my recent computer issues scared me and I bought the first four seasons of True Blood for 40 dollars!

Woot! 40 dollars?

Yep, all 4. Now I need to watch them!

Yep, I didn’t buy anything for anyone else and I’m kinda thinking a lot of others did the same.

I mean, who are you spending 700 bucks on when you bought that big screen or the 299 you spent on an IPad.

Err… not grandma! *giggles*’

If you did, then kudos to you but I think I speak for a good portion of the masses when I say, Black Friday was ME shopping and not Christmas shopping.

And according to articles as well as the store I vend at who shall remain nameless, crowds weren’t like the picture above.

They didn’t have that at 8pm when the doorbusters started. In fact, at the retailer I vend at, the crowds were very calm. Only a few arguments ensued but nothing violent.

Why do you think this is? Do you think people are too broke to shop? Did most stay away because of the past horror stories of violence?

Maybe so. Tell me about your Black Friday experiences. What did you get when you went out?

I’m curious

Also, today is Cyber Monday.

Check in on BL’s blog to find out what the Triad has going on for today.


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