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Thursday Thoughts – A Message of Thanks from Sharita Lira

Posted on: November 22, 2012

Good morning!

Happy gobble gobble day to all my friends and readers. It’s that time of year again for us to enjoy the holidays. Or not?


Truthfully, I don’t get too excited about it but since it’s Thanksgiving day I’d like to express my thanks in a blog form for all the wonderful goals I’ve met this year.

First and foremost on a personal note, I’m thankful for a happy, healthy family. Two beautiful children who test my nerves but I love ‘em and wouldn’t trade them for anything else. To my dear husband, who understands my neurosis and gets it. He’s happy I’m doing what I want to do, building a successful writing career. He supports my decision to work outside the house part-time while I spend the rest at home with our kids as well as working on my books.

I’m thankful to all my friends. My BFF’s especially who’ve been there when I needed a pick me up and all my author friends who I’ve come to know very well through FB and hope someday to meet them at one of the many writer’s conventions.

Professionally, I’d like to thank my publishers, all of them for putting up with me and the muses. Gina at NNP, E at Rebel, Gina at XOXO, and Jean Marie at Sizzler, and Kharisma at NBP. Thanks so much for giving me the chance to express myself through my words! I look forward to working on more stories for all of you in 2013 and beyond. Also, thanks to all my editors from the various companies, and my beta, fellow author and friend Julie Lynn Hayes for helping me along on all my stories and assisting me while I improve my skills. To Angel Martinez, Tom Webb, Johnny Miles, C. Zampa, Lavinia Lewis, and reader Adriana D’ Apolito who’ve also read and given their opinions on my stories. And thanks to the cover artists who’ve put together some wonderful covers for all the muses books; Carl at Rebel, Shane at NNP, Amanda at XOXO, Dakota at NBP, and Kiernan at Sizzler. Also big thanks to Sara York for doing the next two self-pub covers for me! You’re wonderful!

Ooh I feel like I’m doing an Academy Awards acceptance speech. *laughs*

Lastly but most importantly, a big thanks to all the readers! I’ve really appreciated all the support you’ve given me in these first couple of years and I hope to continue to putting out entertaining stories whether it’s through my publishers or on my own. I’ve enjoyed the comments, the emails, the messages on FB as well as the friend requests. None of the success I’ve enjoyed could be possible without you so a big hug to each and every one of you from me.

And to my muses who aren’t real to anyone else but me. How would I get all these great ideas without you? My original, snarky muse BLMorticia who’s been with me since my late teens. My gay male Brit, Michael Mandrake who surprises me every time when we sit together and write, and to my sensual sis, Rawiya who if she was real, she’d be my twin sister. And…

Oh wait…um, the muses wanna talk. *Ahem*


BLMorticia – I’d like to thank Shar for sticking with me and providing some great imagery from the rock world and the porn she continues to watch when the kiddies are asleep.


Michael Mandrake – Thanks Shar for letting me create stories and broaden my horizons, for understanding how much I love to push the envelope and do different things in our work to amuse, titillate, and entertain.


Rawiya – Thanks sis for allowing us to drive you up a wall with all the plot bunnies. The characters in all our tales of the present and not so distant future thank you.


Aww, thanks guys and again, thanks to everyone for all their kindness showed to me as I go into year three of my writing. And remember, let’s not just give thanks on this day, let it be every day. Regardless of your beliefs in the higher being, you were created to be unique and live life to its fullest! Thank you and God bless!

Head on over to Michael’s as he announces his on Black Friday sale this evening

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