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Well, Michael is at Caitlin Ricci’s today for a guest blog


Also, today is the final day for his 70k bash.

You have until Sunday to get your comments in and have a chance to win ebooks as well as the $25GC from Amazon

So go on over!

Michael Mandrake Tabooindeed


Good morning!

Rawiya has been gracious enough to allow me to take over her Wind Down segment the last two weeks since I’m writing my next novella. 

My story, I Like Em Pretty A New Orleans Noir is a tale about obsession and how far some people will go to obtain what they truly want. 

For Frankie, my MC, his is not only a lover but a need to come out the closet to his peers at the police station. 

For Kajika, the supporting MC, his is more of a monetary deal but changes as the story goes when he figures out what is more important in life.

We started writing last night and have set the release date somewhere around Christmas.

I’ll be featuring a paragraph or two from it for Saturday Sips this Sat and the next!

Keep watch at Tabooindeed for those.

And here’s Stevie with the words Frankie would sing to Kajika!



Was this you last Thursday night into Friday?

This pic I just found from an article in one of the newspapers talking about the black Friday happenings here

So what about you?

Well, I was one of those that had to work.

In my day job I’m a retail merchandiser for a large entertainment vendor so I was out there at 7pm with loads of other shoppers picking over movies and dodging hungry shoppers as they tried to run each other over for the big screen TV’s.

It got me to thinking about this deal. Opening on Thanksgiving night, pulling families away from their loved ones after dinner and football to grab the IPad, the laptop, or big screen THEY wanted.

Who truly goes out on Black Friday to shop for someone else? I wonder…

Hmm, I didn’t.

I was scheduled from 7pm-4am Thursday into Friday. At 11pm, I clocked out and got ready to go to my next store.

During my hour off, I bought an external HD since my recent computer issues scared me and I bought the first four seasons of True Blood for 40 dollars!

Woot! 40 dollars?

Yep, all 4. Now I need to watch them!

Yep, I didn’t buy anything for anyone else and I’m kinda thinking a lot of others did the same.

I mean, who are you spending 700 bucks on when you bought that big screen or the 299 you spent on an IPad.

Err… not grandma! *giggles*’

If you did, then kudos to you but I think I speak for a good portion of the masses when I say, Black Friday was ME shopping and not Christmas shopping.

And according to articles as well as the store I vend at who shall remain nameless, crowds weren’t like the picture above.

They didn’t have that at 8pm when the doorbusters started. In fact, at the retailer I vend at, the crowds were very calm. Only a few arguments ensued but nothing violent.

Why do you think this is? Do you think people are too broke to shop? Did most stay away because of the past horror stories of violence?

Maybe so. Tell me about your Black Friday experiences. What did you get when you went out?

I’m curious

Also, today is Cyber Monday.

Check in on BL’s blog to find out what the Triad has going on for today.




Here it is!

My brand new cover for Comet from Secret Cravings.

Very hot!

Here is a little piece of my story and the blurb

Gabriel “Comet” Marrisco is blessed with good looks, has a great career as a veterinarian and has a lovely wife named Shelba however, in December, he’s obligated to take off and be part of Santa’s Sleigh Team of Reindeer. Because of his deal with Father Christmas, he must make a regular human’s Christmas better than the last and grant a wish.

Denny Brothers, well respected charity worker, young, handsome, and unfortunately socially inept is searching for a boyfriend. Denny has never had a man and Father Christmas has asked Comet to find him a date and assist him in falling in love with someone else. However, Denny has a crush on Comet and the feelings are mutual. Will Comet be able to find him a mate when he wants him for himself? His very livelihood depends on his decision.

After visiting Gabriel in his office, Denny ran home to his beloved dog and lonely apartment on the north side of Chicago. His place was at the end of a quiet block in Lincoln Park, where many professionals lived. He’d had the studio for three years and loved the area because he could access all the shops and attractions by walking or bus. Not only that, his job at Cancer Charities was less than twenty minutes away, which made his decision to stay in the neighborhood even easier. Why move when he had everything right here?

Denny welcomed the chilly air after feeling Gabriel’s heated gaze upon him. He hoped the doctor hadn’t noticed the tent in his pants while they had talked. Denny had noticed Gabriel’s crotch several times and couldn’t help but stare. Too bad they couldn’t have taken care of one another properly.

With keys in hand, he opened the door to a three flat brownstone and sprinted to the first floor apartment. Although Denny’s place paled in comparison to others in size, it never bothered him because it was only him and Preston. And despite the fact property values had more than doubled since he’d moved in, his landlady, Mrs. Bagley, hadn’t increased the rent. She claimed to like him, especially since he always helped do yard work and small fixes around the building. Denny appreciated the elder lady’s generosity.

“Here boy!” Denny called out to his beloved chocolate lab, Preston.

Preston’s tail wagged behind him while he stood on his hind legs to greet Denny.

“Good boy. You’ve been a good dog today, huh? It’s not real cold outside so we can take a walk to the store and get some more of those treats you like.” Denny removed his jacket and hung it up on hook. He knelt down in front of his dog and rubbed under his chin while nuzzling the animal’s cold nose. “Whew, you need a bath and your teeth cleaned. Are you gonna be patient and let me clean you up?”

Seemingly the lab didn’t like Denny’s suggestion and whined in response.

“Aw c’mon boy, we might be going somewhere for the holiday. You know Doc Gabriel, right? Well, he invited us over for Christmas. You can’t go there smelling bad, you know. There’re other dogs for you to play with.”

When Denny mentioned that, the dog gave a hearty bark and licked his face as though he understood.

“Okay, okay, good, I knew that would sway you.” Denny laughed and stood up straight, then sighed and glanced at his empty place. “Well at least we might have a little fun on Christmas, Preston.”

Slowly, he walked to the mantle above the fireplace with Preston panting and wagging his tail while he followed. Attempting to hold back the tears, he stared at the picture of his family photo from four years ago, one of the last taken before he’d come out. They all looked so happy together, his father holding him tightly and mom leaning against his other shoulder. Denny was their only child and unfortunately, they couldn’t get past the fact he was gay.

Months later, they had thrown him out the house, telling him to never return until he had repented and married a woman. Denny’s folks were religious fanatics who didn’t believe someone could love their own gender.

Despite that, Denny didn’t hate his mom and dad. He still loved them and hoped they would understand his admission one day. Perhaps they could be a family again, but Denny wasn’t holding his breath. He’d prayed about it himself, but he knew it would take a miracle for that to happen. They hadn’t called, written, or even tried to come see him in three years. “Hope you’re havin’ a great holiday Mom and Pop.” While a tear slid down the length of his cheek, he traced the photo, wishing they’d at least return his calls. Regardless, he’d continue hoping they would give in.

Denny set the photograph down and turned to his dog who lay on the hardwood floor with his paws on his head. He wiped the moisture from Preston’s face and patted him. “Alright pal. We’ll just take the walk and I’ll save the bath and teeth cleaning for tomorrow. I don’t much feel like it anyway.”

Right then, the lab perked up and licked Denny’s face while he barked loudly.

“You’re happy about that, huh?” Denny held him close and planted a kiss on the animal’s head. “I’m too tired. I’ll get it done before the charity event since I’m taking you with me. Let me change so we can take a quick walk then. C’mon, boy.” He rose up and walked to his bedroom while he loosened his tie.

Preston jumped on the bed and watched him remove his shirt and search for a tee to put on.

While he looked, he thought back to the conversation he’d had with Gabriel at the office. Why did he come on to him like that and embarrass him? Gabriel had to have known Denny had a huge crush on him. He got an erection just thinking about the vet. Why did he have to be married? Yep, his wife stood in the way of who Denny considered to be his perfect match and now, he’d invited Denny to stay at his house for the holiday. Just what was he trying to do?

Denny wished he’d turned him down, but he just hated the idea of staying home alone for the fourth straight Christmas. At least Shelba and Gabriel would be good company and he’d get a great meal out of it, too.

Better than staying home with no one to talk to. Sure it would, but being around Gabriel would be torture the whole time especially when he couldn’t do anything about his feelings for him.

Darnit, why didn’t I meet him first?

***Hope you enjoyed. Look for it in December!




Since Michael is having guests, I’m announcing his sale today for him.

At All Romance, Michael’s book is on sale for 1.99!

Go grab a copy of this fluffy mm erotic romance!



Over fifty doesn’t mean too old to find love


London Davies desires a man to take care of and despite the advances of his former lover and partner James, he pushes on to search for another to make him turn in his bachelor badge.


Brandon McFerry has been abused and scarred for the duration of his life. His only saving grace is his talent with the paintbrush. Although he hasn’t made his big break in the industry, he pushes on in hopes that one of his paintings will capture the attention of his obsession: London Davies


This is a romance. The kind that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside with some hot smexy sex thrown in. An emotional story between two men of different backgrounds searching for the same happy ever after ending!

Chapter Four

Cool breezes hit Brandon’s face as London offered his hand to get out of London’s sports car. His eyes darted from left to right. A mixture of nerves and excitement overtook him.

Brandon nodded, getting up and immediately, his eyes fixated on the large white house with its perfectly manicured hedges and green grass surrounding it.

“Wow,” he mouthed, letting London take him by the hand, leading him to the mansion. “This is beautiful.”

“You like it?”

They travelled up the concrete stairs to the large set of double doors with a stained glass oval window overhead.

“I love it, it’s amazing.”

London opened the door and gestured him inside. “Thank you. It’s a little late so we’ll save the grand tour for after breakfast, hmm?”

Brandon allowed the words to settle in his brain. After breakfast? Was London asking him to stay all night? Of course! After all, it’s nearly one a.m. He couldn’t possibly be talking about taking Brandon home at this late hour.

“Are you okay with that?” London gave him a concerned look.

“Yes… oh, of course. I wasn’t expecting to go home.”

“I hoped not.” London flashed him a wicked grin. “I mean, we had such a good time at the club tonight. We shared a kiss which—” London made the space smaller in between them. He took Brandon’s face into his hands. “I hope we can continue.”

Brandon breaths quickened as well as his pulse. His cock began to strain against the zipper and the goose pimples started to develop on his flesh. “Yes, I hoped the same thing.” He chuckled nervously.

God, I want you.

Brandon wanted London so badly he could taste him. Earlier he’d tempted him, flirting with light kisses and subtle touches. Now, where’d that spunk he had run off to? He needed to continue that, especially now.

Oh yeah, liquid courage.

“Come on, love. Let’s go into my sitting room and have a drink. That’s where the painting I believe that’s yours is stationed. You can confirm whether you did it or not.” He planted a peck on top of Brandon’s head.

Brandon nodded. He lifted his nose slightly, taking in the scents of London, feeling a little dizzy. He would go anywhere with London Davies and not even think about turning him down. Brandon would do whatever it took to get closer to his desired man.

Once they staggered to the last door on the right, London clumsily opened it and led him inside. “Wow, this is—”

London turned on one of the lights. “You like?”

“Yes, I love it.” Despite Brandon’s aloofness, he noticed atop the French doors leading to the yard, sat a beautiful stained glass. “You’re a big fan of those?”

“Yes, I love them. I like how the light hits it and brings out all the vibrant colours. Have a seat.”

“Oh thank you.” He took the space on the couch and continued to take in his surroundings.

I could really get used to this.

Brandon appreciated the beautiful house and even more so the fact it belonged to his desired man. This totally impressed him. Brandon hoped London would want them to be closer.

Sure, it might’ve been slightly wrong to expect such things as London being his man and his provider, but Mr. McFerry had high hopes. He couldn’t deny that London’s fortune attracted him. Did that make him a gold digger? Nope. In his mind, it only made him ambitious. A man who had high standards. That was only part of the reason the artist had been alone for so long.

London plopped down next to him, another bottle of the expensive champagne Brandon had been sipping on in his hand.


The painter’s mind said no to the beverage but his body said yes. He hoped the liquor would only do what it had done earlier—make him slightly flirtatious and only a little dizzy. Brandon wanted to be alert for his talk with London, and if this drink did anything more, that wouldn’t occur.



Shar has some thoughts on the end of the year and the one up ahead. 

Who is that lady in the pic? Looks like me but…

End of the Year

Good morning!

Happy gobble gobble day to all my friends and readers. It’s that time of year again for us to enjoy the holidays. Or not?


Truthfully, I don’t get too excited about it but since it’s Thanksgiving day I’d like to express my thanks in a blog form for all the wonderful goals I’ve met this year.

First and foremost on a personal note, I’m thankful for a happy, healthy family. Two beautiful children who test my nerves but I love ‘em and wouldn’t trade them for anything else. To my dear husband, who understands my neurosis and gets it. He’s happy I’m doing what I want to do, building a successful writing career. He supports my decision to work outside the house part-time while I spend the rest at home with our kids as well as working on my books.

I’m thankful to all my friends. My BFF’s especially who’ve been there when I needed a pick me up and all my author friends who I’ve come to know very well through FB and hope someday to meet them at one of the many writer’s conventions.

Professionally, I’d like to thank my publishers, all of them for putting up with me and the muses. Gina at NNP, E at Rebel, Gina at XOXO, and Jean Marie at Sizzler, and Kharisma at NBP. Thanks so much for giving me the chance to express myself through my words! I look forward to working on more stories for all of you in 2013 and beyond. Also, thanks to all my editors from the various companies, and my beta, fellow author and friend Julie Lynn Hayes for helping me along on all my stories and assisting me while I improve my skills. To Angel Martinez, Tom Webb, Johnny Miles, C. Zampa, Lavinia Lewis, and reader Adriana D’ Apolito who’ve also read and given their opinions on my stories. And thanks to the cover artists who’ve put together some wonderful covers for all the muses books; Carl at Rebel, Shane at NNP, Amanda at XOXO, Dakota at NBP, and Kiernan at Sizzler. Also big thanks to Sara York for doing the next two self-pub covers for me! You’re wonderful!

Ooh I feel like I’m doing an Academy Awards acceptance speech. *laughs*

Lastly but most importantly, a big thanks to all the readers! I’ve really appreciated all the support you’ve given me in these first couple of years and I hope to continue to putting out entertaining stories whether it’s through my publishers or on my own. I’ve enjoyed the comments, the emails, the messages on FB as well as the friend requests. None of the success I’ve enjoyed could be possible without you so a big hug to each and every one of you from me.

And to my muses who aren’t real to anyone else but me. How would I get all these great ideas without you? My original, snarky muse BLMorticia who’s been with me since my late teens. My gay male Brit, Michael Mandrake who surprises me every time when we sit together and write, and to my sensual sis, Rawiya who if she was real, she’d be my twin sister. And…

Oh wait…um, the muses wanna talk. *Ahem*


BLMorticia – I’d like to thank Shar for sticking with me and providing some great imagery from the rock world and the porn she continues to watch when the kiddies are asleep.


Michael Mandrake – Thanks Shar for letting me create stories and broaden my horizons, for understanding how much I love to push the envelope and do different things in our work to amuse, titillate, and entertain.


Rawiya – Thanks sis for allowing us to drive you up a wall with all the plot bunnies. The characters in all our tales of the present and not so distant future thank you.


Aww, thanks guys and again, thanks to everyone for all their kindness showed to me as I go into year three of my writing. And remember, let’s not just give thanks on this day, let it be every day. Regardless of your beliefs in the higher being, you were created to be unique and live life to its fullest! Thank you and God bless!

Head on over to Michael’s as he announces his on Black Friday sale this evening

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