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Monday Mornin’ Reads

Posted on: September 3, 2012

Morning! Thanks to everyone who’s stopped by the hop!

Here’s my little Monday Morning Read based on the picture above.

“Don’t take anything off,” Mark commanded and waived his long hand in Greg’s direction. “Just c’mere.”

“What?” Greg stopped and appeared confused. He wondered why Mark didn’t want him to strip. He wanted to have sex, damnit and in the worst way. They’d waited way too long to do so.

“C’mere, babe. I want your body next to mine right now. We can deal with the clothes later.”

Well at least he still wants me.

Despite his statement, Greg was befuddled. They finally got to be alone together after having their parents fight over them while bickering back and forth. Everyone around them noticed the physical and racial differences between them. Greg and Mark however did not.

Love is love!

And it is and it thrived between Greg and Mark! All else be damned! “I…” Greg swallowed hard and hastily made his way over to Mark. Slightly, he stumbled over his own feet but held his ground. He cursed under his breath and peered into his lover’s blue eyes.

Arms outstretched coupled the hugs smile on his face. “I love you Mark, more than anyone I’ve ever met. What we’ve been through is a testament to us and how resilient we are.”

“Yes.” Greg nodded in agreement and lay atop Mark. The moment he did, the scents of his aftershave infiltrated Greg’s nostrils making him dizzy. God he loved the smell of Mark. All man, nothing female or flowery about him. Sometimes he wondered what this hard bodied blond hunk saw in him, the clumsy Israeli with a propensity to stutter and fears of spiders. Still, that didn’t stop him from getting together with Mark; his first real true love. The man who made him feel like a real one instead of a child.

The only person to give him the time of day.

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