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I’ll be on promoing Sugar Daddy!

Today, Antwon is at Raine Delight’s

Tomorrow and Sunday i’ll be a Blood Lust Erotica 

Lovely name. I’m sure BL loves that one!


Hope you’ll join me!



Brother muse Michael is featuring Sugar Daddy for the TRR GLBT blog hop!

A chance to win prizes and visit other authors blogs.

Please visit the post here!


This morning I’m at Edward Kendrick’s Blog

Please stop by!




Go check out Michael’s to find out where I am today!




Good Monday Mornin’

I usually don’t go for blond and blue eyed but this man is gorgeous.

This is the same model I used for my shifter story due to come out from Secret Cravings in December. 

They have a longer story coming too. 

Need time to write it!


* Save Me Scottie’s Story

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