Rawiya Erotica

Wind Own Wednesday

Posted on: August 22, 2012


Let’s hand Wind Down Wednesday to my brother muse Michael Mandrake since he just completed Closely Guarded. 

*A double life is hard to live especially when the man you love is doing the same.

Agent BA Pointe aka Darien Moseley leads a double life. A musician by day and when not playing, an agent in a special organization called PROTEKT. He’s called upon to travel to Russia where he investigates the death of a dignitary and protects the son from Nikolay harm.

Kimball Emerson is BA’s partner and joins him on the mission. The two men have been best friends for years and now going on this mission stirs up old feelings. Still they have a job to do but the emotions are running high.

Will the two complete the mission despite their attraction to one another?

While finishing the story, this song came into my head. I’m a big fan of Depeche Mode and I started recalling the lyrics towards the end when BA finds out about his long time friend, Kimball Emerson. 

Check out the lyrics here.

Check out a snippet on my blog a well.


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