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Monday Mornin’ Read

Posted on: July 30, 2012

   Instead of a new read, here’s a bit from my still unfinished menage’, Trois in Treble. The pic totally fits this scene!

Eli was the first one to wake after the two of them had fallen asleep on the couch. They were in the same position; him lying on top of Rafael. They hadn’t even cleaned themselves up.

Eli stroked Rafael’s face gently, admiring the chiseled features of his friend. Rafael was by far the best looking man he’d ever seen or known. Now, Eli wondered would their relationship progress the way he wanted it to. He loved that they’d taken the first step by doing this.

He hoped there was more to come.

Lightly, he kissed Rafael’s lips before reaching for his cell phone on the coffee table in front of him, looking at the time on the LCD screen. “Guess I better call in then…” The time was six o’ seven a.m.; the scheduled time was nine. He knew his boss wouldn’t be too happy he wasn’t coming in knowing that his counterpart was on vacation. At the moment, he really didn’t care. All of what mattered right now was underneath him.

The job and the band be damned.

Eli pressed the numbers, calling his employer. “Hello?” His boss answered after three rings. “Hiya, yeah um. I’m sorry, I won’t be able to make it in today, George. What? No, I’m not feeling too good. I may have eaten something horrible last night and my stomach’s in knots. Uh huh…”

As Eli continued to talk on the phone, Rafael stirred. Eli noticed he opened his eyes. While he traced Rafael’s nose and mouth with his nails, they exchanged smiles.

“Mhmm…well, I think I should be okay by tomorrow. I’ll let you know.”

Eli winked at Rafael before his friend pulled him by the hair again to cover his lips. Eli’s boss was still speaking, his morning wood straining against Rafael’s body. “Fuck…” he mouthed to Rafael. “Um, okay then. I’ll call you if anything changes.” Eli didn’t hear a word of what his manager was telling him.

Rafael leaned forward, making a trail of kisses on Eli’s neck.

“Bye.” He hurried, pressing the disconnect button before he’d said or done something to tick his boss off. He knew the abrupt hang-up would’ve prompt questions.

He’d deal with those later. “Rafael.”

“Good mornin’.” Rafael rubbed Eli’s neck making him lose focus. “We need to talk, Eli. Let’s shower, have some breakfast, and chat, okay?”

Eli grinned. All the affection Rafael showed pointed to a possibility that he’d become more comfortable with their relationship or at least, he hoped so.


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