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Wind Down Wednesday

Posted on: July 25, 2012


Good morning! Ah I love some sultry, romantic music. Yep, I’m a sap. I have some Kenny G in my collection and this is a fave to listen to when doing an intense and sexy scene between characters. Soft candles, music with a moonlit backdrop…

With Brendan watching his every move, Latte set the mood for the evening, lighting candles and opening the curtain to allow the moonlight to shine in. Sounds of smooth jazz – soft drums and saxophone played in the background; he’d grabbed some fruit from the fridge for them to enjoy while they took pleasure in one another.

He set the tray down and held a strawberry between his teeth as he crawled the length of the bed like a wild cat stalking its prey. He offered it to his boyfriend, who smiled and pulled him down to share the delicious red snack with him. Brendan took a bite before he opened his mouth wider to suck on it some more. He dragged his hands downward, grabbing Latte’s butt and pinching it hard.

Small drops of juice ran from the corner of his man’s lips while they continued to share the fruit and a kiss. Latte pressed his hardened muscle against Brendan’s crotch, feeling his natural release leaking from the slit. The pressure mounted in his groin and while they finished the fruit, he reached in between them, gripped both their shafts together, and pumped them in unison, causing both of them to cry aloud. Latte rubbed the heads of both, mixing their pre-cum. Latte’s breaths turned into pants, and beads of sweat formed on his brow.

“Davori, fuck me, please!” Brendan yelled at the top of his lungs and spread his legs wider.

Hearing his plea, he smiled, reached over to the nightstand, and grabbed the latex packet along with the lube. “I definitely am, love.” He licked the side of Brendan’s face, tasting the remnants of the strawberry while he sheathed himself with the condom. The last time, he’d wanted to make love slowly, and a part of him still wanted that, but urgency had overtaken the need to make it last. They had the whole weekend to set a more methodical pace. Right now, he ached to get in between those lily white thighs and fuck his lover as if there were no tomorrow.

Brendan’s chocolate brown pools met Latte’s gaze as he rubbed the head of his covered cock against the crevice of his ass. He gripped the back of his neck and wrapped his legs around Latte’s waist. “Don’t be gentle, Davori…” his breath hot on his lips as he spoke.

Latte responded by easing his dick just inside of Brendan’s tight canal. To stretch him, he moved slightly, before thrusting vertically. Their tongues met in another embrace and he bit the tip of Brendan’s lightly. Once all the way in, he retreated before slamming into him as hard as he could. His lover groaned and dug his fingernails into his back. “Faster baby, God I want you to pound my ass, make it hurt!”

Latte loved when Brendan called him that and talked dirty. Again, he pushed into his lover while sucking his bottom lip. In moments, he built a rhythm and Brendan moved with him as he contracted his muscles. The feeling of those nails spurred him on even more.

“Yes Brendan!” The energy ran through him again before heading straight for his groin, which was full to the brim. He sensed himself ready to explode, and he nuzzled his nose into Brendan’s neck, smelling the sweet fragrance of his cologne and body wash. “Oh fuck, I love you baby!” Never had Latte felt so in love with anyone during and after sex. He truly enjoyed the moments they had together and knew he’d found his soul mate.

Brendan Walsh was indeed the one he’d been looking for all his life. By the grace of God, he’d finally received what he’d prayed for.




Brendan clenched his buttocks while he clawed Davori’s back. He gritted his teeth and continued to look at Davori as the other man pounded him into the mattress. The pressure in Brendan’s gut rose; his skin flushed and felt too hot to touch. In the arms of this man, he’d turned to a puddle of goo, and usually this would alarm him but with Davori it felt different. “Davori, yes, don’t stop!” He’d never been so excited about having sex, but with the hunky barista it was so much more than fucking. It was love, pure and unadulterated, something he’d never experienced before. No one better to be with than Davori, and leaving Walsh Corporation to be with him was undoubtedly worth it. “I love you, Davori.” He’d said it so many times before and now that Davori meant it when he said it, he couldn’t have been more content.

“I love you too, baby.” He slowed his pace and captured his mouth in another hot kiss. Brendan sensed the latex expanding down below and he grabbed on tighter to brace for their simultaneous explosion.

One more push and Latte cried out, claiming his lips once more. Brendan reciprocated and held onto him. Both trembled slightly from the energy exchanged during their lovemaking. Brendan released his mouth and buried his head against Davori’s neck, nibbling on his throat where he smelled the strong scent of cologne on honey-colored flesh. Once he’d made a mark, he sucked the same spot, and rubbed the back of his head. He held on tighter, as if Davori was a life raft. In a sense he was, since Brendan hadn’t even thought to come out before the two of them got together.

Brendan’s coffee man gave him strength and that wasn’t just because of the great Latte he served – in the coffee shop or out.

From Smooth Like Latte

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