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Monday Mornin’ Reads

Posted on: July 2, 2012


Here’s a Monday Morning Read for you. Hope you like. I think I found another plot bunny!


“Tell me what you know!” I grabbed onto James’ cheeks and squeezed until I felt the pressure in my own fingertips. Having him this close could be the death of me. We’d be on this avoiding each other merry go round for too damn long.

“I know nothin’, Luke. You’re hurtin’ me!” He winced and struggled to pull away but I kept my firm grip. He closed his eyes and a couple of tears trickled from his lids.

“Not any worse than your lover did before you killed him!” I knew that hurt but I did have a job to do here. He was a suspect after all in one of the biggest crimes of the century. Still, nothing I wanted more than to kiss those slim pink lips until they swollen.

“I didn’t do it, Luke! I told ya’ one of his men did it. I was his whipping boy but not his murderer,” he cried in anguish. In haste, he grabbed my sides and pulled me closer. “You gotta believe me, Luke! I can be cold at times but I don’t have the heart to kill anyone not even Jake!”

“But ya’ got motive though,” I spat back. “He hurt you and you wanted to get even.” I loosened my hold but kept that beautiful face in my hands. While gazing unto those light green eyes, I moistened my lips, salivating over the hot man in front of me. Yes, he’d been a suspect in the murder of Jake Liotta for quite awhile but damn did I have a crush on him something fierce. The more I held on to him, the more I wanted to crush him with my lips and make all his pain go away.

“Luke please, I didn’t do it. You gotta believe me. I loved Jake with all my heart. He slapped me around a couple of times and sometimes I gotta rise out of it. Still I wouldn’t have the gaul to kill him!”

Feeling sorry for James’, I ran my thumbs below his eyelids and wiped the moisture from underneath. I pressed my lips onto his head and kissed the small wrinkles away. I pulled him into me while he wept on my shoulder. Damn, Chief would have my head if he knew I was cradling the main suspect for murder. “I’ts okay James…I believe you.”

For now…


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