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Saturday Sips – Comet

Posted on: June 23, 2012

Good morning all! Here is a little sip from my just finished story for the upcoming Xmas Collection from Wicked Sexy Writers. All books feature santas reindeers as shifters. What a selsction of books this will be!

 Here’s a snippet from mine.

Gabriel “Comet” Marrisco is blessed with good looks, has a great career as a veterinarian and has a lovely wife named Shelba however, in December, he’s obligated to take off and be part of Santa’s Sleigh Team of Reindeer. Because of his deal with Father Christmas, he must make a regular human’s Christmas better than the last and grant a wish.

Denny Brothers, well respected charity worker, young, handsome, and unfortunately socially inept is searching for a boyfriend. Denny has never had a man and Father Christmas has asked Comet to find him a date and assist him in falling in love with someone else. However, Denny has a crush on Comet and the feelings are mutual. Will Comet be able to find him a mate when he wants him for himself? His very livelihood depends on his decision.

Although Dr. Marrisco was happily married, it never stopped him from looking at other men or women. Shelba understood and did the same herself. They’d known the day they tied the knot that they would always look at others. Heck, they’d even brought a couple of men and women into their bedroom, but it wasn’t more than a one nighter. Often, he’d thought about asking Denny to join them, but he thought the kid would be too scared to do such a thing. Too bad I can’t break him in.

“Thanks.” Denny grinned, seemingly turning two shades of pink. He took the seat in front of Gabriel and only met his gaze for a minute or so then quickly turned away. “I…um…there’s going to be a charity dance for the Cancer Kids Need Furry Friends, and I wanted to ask if you and Shelba could attend.”

Gabriel smiled and nodded, “Of course, Denny. We’d love to.” He moistened his lips and got up from the chair. He loved seeing his younger friend squirm. Gabriel knew Denny had a crush on him.

Dr. Marrisco sat directly in front of Denny to offer him a glimpse of the hard-on forming in his woolen trousers.

“Um, great!” Again, the poor boy looked away and shifted in his chair.

Gabriel noticed him shaking like a leaf. Feeling a bit guilty, he patted the charity counselor’s knee cap. “Relax, friend. It’s just you and me talkin’ right now. You got plans for the holiday?”

“Er, no…You know my folks don’t want anything to do with me since I came out. The couple of friends I’ve got both have boyfriends. Looks like it’ll be just me and Preston this Christmas.” Denny sighed and folded his hands in his lap.

Gabriel’s mood turned somber when Denny mentioned his sorry plight. What could he do to make Denny’s Christmas better? He had a couple of ideas, but he needed to talk it over with Shelba first. Though it may be a risk, it was worth a try. Denny was too special a person to be totally alone on Christmas. Denny and his beloved oversized chocolate lab needed friends for this joyous occasion.

“No, we won’t let that happen. Let me talk with Shelba and see what we’ve got planned. Other than the dreaded run I’ve gotta make for Father Christmas every year delivering gifts to wonderful little children,” Gabriel said in jest and gritted his teeth. “I should be home shortly after two a.m. and we can make an evening of it.” Gabriel thought about keeping him for company and perhaps once he got comfortable, inviting him to bed.

“Aw, no, Gabriel. I can’t intrude. You and Shelba should be alone on Christmas Day.”

“We’ve spent plenty of them alone. We’d love to have you. I need to check if she’s made plans to go out. When is the charity gathering by the way?” Dr. Marrisco removed his pack of Marlboros from his pocket. The moment he did, he felt his nose redden and cheeks flush.

Damn, Santa, I’m not on duty yet. Santa didn’t like his reindeer to indulge in any of their human vices so close to Christmas Day. Angry he couldn’t partake, he shoved it back inside his coat pocket.

“Oh um, it’s on the twenty third, so a week from today. That’s the only date I could get so close to Christmas. Otherwise they told us we’d have to wait ’til the second week of the New Year. These pups and cats from the People for Pets Society need owners and these kids should be smiling this time of year. They are all terminally ill and should have something to cheer them up.”

“Agreed.” Gabriel bowed and crossed his arms over his chest. “And you’re in need of friends too, so…why don’t you stay with us for that week and then the next. I don’t think wifey will mind one bit. We love having company over.” He winked.

Denny appeared very uncomfortable with the suggestion and twitched his nose. “If it’s okay with Shelba then I accept.”

“Good. I’ll talk with her about it tonight and when I get the yes, I’ll call you. We’ve got plenty of room for you and Preston. Plus, Klutz and Jinx will love to play with him. They get tired of each other at times. A new doggie ass to sniff would be fun for them.” He chuckled.

Denny giggled nervously and got up. “Yeah I’m sure. Um, okay well, I’ll see you later. I need to go home and feed him now. I’m sure he’s wondering where I am and why I’m not home yet.” Denny shoved his hands in his pocket and he stared at the floor obviously to avert Gabriel’s heated gaze.

“Alright then. I’ll call you after Shelba and I talk.” Gabriel gawked at the cute little butt in Denny’s trousers and salivated at the sight. He’d love to sink his shaft in between those ass cheeks and pound it ’til the young man cried out for more. Just thinking about it made his cock stir and squirt under his silk boxers.

“Okay.” Denny scampered out of the office so fast he almost tripped. He opened the door. “Bye.” Quickly he shut it behind him.

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