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Tuesday Tales

Posted on: June 18, 2012

I recall the last time I did Tuesday tales I did a post about some hot and sexy cowboys. How about another for this week? The prompt for this Tuesday is any city you choose. Since I thought about men in Stetson’s and boots on horses, why not Dallas? BL is taking this one and adding her snarkiness!

Prompt is a city – Dallas

“Ooh who is that?” Sherra moistened her lips and climbed the wooden fence, whistling at the hot man on a horse. “Ooh come ride me baby!”

Jenny slapped her on the arm. “Damn girl, get a hold of yourself, will ya? That’s Bryant Thomas’ man, Darrien. He don’t have no interest in boobs at this point, sugah!”

“Well I’ll be damned. Why is it all the fine lookin’ men on this ranch are gay or taken? I thought this vacation to Dallas Texas was supposed to be an experience, or rather…” ahem, she cleared her throat, “A chance for us two lonely gals to get laid,” she smirked and fanned herself. It really didn’t matter if the man liked women or not. When and if the opportunity presented itself, she wouldn’t turn him down.

“Yeah it is but we just happen to be looking at the wrong men, that’s all. Maybe, just maybe,” Jenny paused and took a long drink of water, “We’ll find a couple of hung studs in Stetson’s at the hoe down tonight, huh? A little dancin’, some good food and drink, and well have us a couple of hot men rarin’ to take us home.”

Sherra nodded and continued to gaze at the hot gay cowboy. Mhmm, wouldn’t I like to be a fly on that wall to watch him and his man go at it. Was it anything like Brokeback Mountain? Hopefully a happy ending was in store for them since it didn’t happen with the characters. That flick made her ball like a baby every time.

Still, she considered this to be a lost two days at this dude ranch when neither of them had landed the cowboy lay of their dreams. Where is my semi straight stud who wouldn’t mind givin’ a gal a good time in the hay? “Pfft,” she clicked her teeth and fixated her eyes on all the men riding horses. They all had no shirts on, some with chaps, asses showing with g-strings going up their behinds. “Uh, Jenny, you sure we came to the right place?” She’d started to see a pattern that caused an alarm to go off. “This is a hetero singles dude ranch, right?”

Jenny cocked an eyebrow and looked around curiously.

It appeared they’d come to the wrong place to get laid by hot cowboys wanting women. Damn Jenny made reservations at the gayest dude ranch in Dallas.

“Might as well make the best of it!” Sherra jumped on the fence and whistled, “Show me some skin boys. Put on a show for us fag hags!” She waived her hat and yelled at the top of her lungs making all the men turn around.

Most of them ignored her. Sherra didn’t care. This was her vacation and she’d have fun regardless if she’d get to have sex or not!

*LOL hope you liked. Please check out the other TT authors at this link

2 Responses to "Tuesday Tales"

Loved the twist in this 🙂

Loved this!! So funny, clever and surprising. Well done.

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