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Posted on: June 4, 2012


Good morning! Pride month is here! At this time, everyone celebrates with the GLBT community with parades and festivals worldwide. 

How about a m/m short for you on this first Monday in June? I love this picture. The intimacy of a couple on the water. Kissing with tongue. Holy hotness!

After swimming the length of the pool, I popped up from under water and gasped for air. I searched for you, frantically looking to see where you’d went. Did you leave? I surely hope not. Today was the day I decided to inform you of my feelings and how hot you make me. I’d guessed you felt the same. The subtle glances and touches we’d exchanged the last two summers. Whenever we tried to be alone together someone always interrupted. That told me this is meant to be; a sign of things to come, destiny.  I don’t know if you’re seeing anyone. I’m taking a chance on you even being into men, period but I have to find out. I’ve got to see if my suspicions are correct.

Wiping my face of the moisture, I stayed in the cool, waiting, hoping you’d show up this morning. No place I’d rather be than here, enjoying the chilly waters instead of the heat outside. The water has always been my sanctuary, in fact my mom used to say if I weren’t human, I should’ve been a fish.

Still searching, I start to panic. I’ve got things to ask you, many questions. We know nothing about one another and I want that to change now. Do you want the same? Can we get to know one another and make these scorching dreams in my head a reality?

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