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Saturday Sips – One Night in Paradise With You

Posted on: June 2, 2012

 Good morning! Here is my Saturday Sips for today from the anthology story coming out June 20th. One Night In Paradise with You

One Night in Paradise With You by Rawiya- Peter Galley is a successful businessman taking a well deserved vacation to Hawaii after being overworked. He has one night left before he goes back to New York to fulfill his fantasy of having sex with a man. He meets Cruz Vallejo, resident surfer, party boy, a gorgeous town hunk. Peter immediately wants to make this man his conquest but will Cruz even notice, and if he does will he give Pete the chance?

“Oh yeah!” Cruz smiled. He totally loved the new board he’d received from the company that had sponsored him during his tenure as surf champion. “A classic. Just like my old one.” He turned it over, ogling the blues in the wave design and admiring the way his name was inscribed in white on the back. “This here is a no-frills board. Just like me. Nothing extra. No nonsense and bold. Thanks, dude.” He extended his hand in the other man’s direction.

“No problem, Mr. Vallejo. We really enjoyed the time you spent with us. We appreciate everything you did to put us and our product on the map.” The representative from Tropics Iced Tea accepted his hand and nodded. “Whatcha gonna do now that you’re retired?”

“Eh, I dunno, man. Just enjoy life.” He drove the board forcefully into the sand. He glanced out at the ocean, at the beautiful waves breaking on the Kawela Way beach. The hot sun drove people to jump in—swimming, snorkeling, and surfing. Damn. Cruz wished he could go out there and ride the waves as he’d done for the better part of ten years, but his head injury wouldn’t allow it.


The representative’s voice disturbed his reverie. He shook his head and chuckled. “Sorry, man. Just fell into a daydream for a moment there, is all. I’m missin’ it already. If only I wasn’t so damn fragile.”

“Nah, it’s not your fault, shit happens. Hey, good luck to you, okay? The last check should be in your account by Monday.”

Cruz cringed; he suddenly felt an emptiness come over him. Was it really the end? No more waves, no more saluting the good lookin’ boys and girls after he cruised in for another golden first place trophy? The last contest almost cost him his life; he’d nearly drowned on a beach similar to this one.

Despite that, Cruz loved this place. He had no issue with it because in his mind mother nature was only doing her job, minding her blessed Hawaiian waters. “All right, thanks so much, man, for everything you all did for me, all right? Keep in touch!”

“Yeah and look into that commercial contract we got for you, huh? You’ll make a lot more being our spokesman!” The man grinned and quickly turned in the other direction.

“I ain’t no spokesman, I’m a child of the water. I don’t belong on TV.” Cruz didn’t see himself doing that. Wasn’t even considering it. The company logo plastered on his board was good enough. Tropicana had represented him well and paid him more money than he could have dreamed of. All I need! Yep, Cruz was satisfied with that. Because he hated commitment, he didn’t feel he should do any more for the corporation.

“I need to get laid.” He pulled his new token of appreciation out of the sand and tucked it under his arm. “Somewhere there’s a pretty boy or girl who wants me, right? Someone who wants a piece of this broken former champion.”

It had been a while since the last time; he’d spent the last few months in recovery. “Time to find someone to entertain me tonight,” he mused to himself and walked back to the resort where he worked and lived.

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